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POLL: Hog Fans Really Really Hate Michael Dyer


The venom on message boards and social media makes me wonder, who is the most hated person in all of Razorback fandom?

Happy Anniversary, Bobby Petrino!


We know 2012 would have been a lot more fun if Bobby Petrino had been on the sidelines instead of L , but beyond? One year after the worst April Fool's prank in history, we look back at the amazing...

UA Executive John Diamond Provides Insight On Petrino Firing Process


John Diamond, the associate vice chancellor for university relations at UofA, was in Little Rock Friday and gave a presentation in which he discussed the communications and public relations situation of the now-infamous motorcycle wreck.

Perhaps Arkansas Hired Nick Holt To Help Beat Alabama?


Will Nick Holt's familiarity with new Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier help Arkansas beat Alabama this year?

Bobby Petrino Interview: He Says the Right Things, Once Again

Bobby Petrino owns up for some of his wrongdoing in the ESPN interview, but he still can't bring himself to admit all of his mistakes.

Bobby Petrino Interview With ESPN's Joe Schad Airing Today


This is arguably the most anticipated interview in Arkansas history since Barbara Walters scored the first sit-down with Monica Lewinsky in 1999. This will be a one-on-one from Petrino's native Montana. Will he cry? Will he mention Jessica Dorrell by name? Will he say anything that makes us go, "what a dick!" Many questions to be answered. Clips of the interview will air this afternoon and the full interview will air early this evening. We'll go full Sepinwall on it either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Jessica Dorrell Resigns Job at Arkansas


Arkansas has wrapped up one of the last pieces the Bobby Petrino affair by coming to a settlement with Jessica Dorrell. She will resign her post, receive just under $14,000 from the Razorback Foundation, and agree not to talk about her time at the school. Sorry, but that means no book deal. About all that's left to do is figure out the post-spring head coaching situation. You know, nothing too major.

OP-ED: How Jessica Dorrell hurt all women trying to work in college football


My friend Christianne was one of those qualified applicants that was passed over in favor of Dorrell. This is a great article on the difficulty she's faced trying to break into the male-dominated college football world.

The Hiring of Jessica Dorrell and the Question of Merit in America


Petrino overlooked merit in hiring Jessica Dorrell. But he's not the only one who does that. It's a problem in America that needs to be examined.

Bobbyroo - or - Petrinopalooza 2012


Bobbyroo - or - Petrinopalooza 2012! Signs! Speeches! Painted dogs! 21-5!

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