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Chizik's Buyout Might Not Be as Big as You Think


But if we're at the point where we're dissecting his buyout, that's just an all around bad sign.

It's Official: Ted Roof Leaves Auburn for UCF


The rumors/reports from yesterday are true. Ted Roof has left his post as defensive coordinator at Auburn to take the same job at UCF. Given those circumstances, it was likely a case of him being told to find a new job before getting fired. While Auburn did win a national championship with Roof on the job, the 358 points his '09 defense helped allow were easily the most in school history at the time. The 2011 team has allowed 352 so far with the bowl game to go. Coincidence or not I don't know, but the DC job at UCF is one that Roof's now-former boss Gene Chizik had from 1998-2001. That immediately preceded Chizik's first stint at Auburn that began in 2002.

NFL Lockout Coming to an End


I could've gone all season without the NFL as long as I have college football to watch. It's not formally over yet until the players take a vote on the deal, but the news is getting me excited to finally see Tim Tebow in his second season. Keep up with all the latest lockout fallout at SBNation.com's StoryStream. Also, if you hurry, you can catch Will Muschamp battle Gene Chizik on ESPN's First Take.

Auburn Extends Chizik's Contract, Gives Raise


Auburn announced today that is has extended Gene Chizik's contract through 2015 and given him a raise to $3.5 million annually. While that's an impressive chunk of change, it seems odd to me that his contract only extends five years into the future for a guy Auburn AD Jay Jacobs called "the best coach in college football." This is the SEC though, where job security never extends all that much into the future.

NCAA is Investigating Auburn's Tiger Prowl


After the Birmingham News submitted a records request for information on any NCAA violations that Auburn's infamous Tiger Prowl might have generated, the school turned it down because Tiger Prowl itself is being investigated by the NCAA. The Tiger Prowl was something Gene Chizik and his staff instituted in 2009 to allow the coaches to tour various high schools together. That year they used limos; in 2010 they used a festively decorated bus. The NCAA enacted a rule banning schools from sending more than two coaches to a high school in an evaluation period in April 2010, putting the kibosh on the event. The school issued this statement to the News: "The NCAA is not reviewing Tiger Prowl as individual violations. They are reviewing the entire event as a whole. Therefore, the investigative phase of this event is still on-going and we are currently working with the NCAA."

Auburn on Whether Cam Newton Will Play: "No Comment"


All week long, the mantra has been: "He's eligible." Gene Chizik has said repeatedly that his Heisman Trophy frontrunner will play. Why are they now changing that answer and saying, "No comment"? Stay tuned. . . . Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

Saban's Efforts to Reverse the Bump Rule Stymied in Destin


Coach Saban's effort to reverse the ban on "bumps" floundered at the league meetings in Destin this week. Once upon a time, coaches were allowed to assess prospects from a distance during the spring, but personal contact was limited to simple exchanges known as "bumps." This was barred after a bunch of folks got their panties in a twist over Saban's recruiting efforts in South Florida. Saban insists the access is critical for player evaluation but other coaches, notably Auburn's Gene Chizik disagree, calling it a "grey area." In fact, Chizik seems to argue that the prohibition on head coaches recruiting in the spring is actually an advantage: "I enjoy that part of it," he told the Montgomery Advertiser. "I enjoy the part where I can get some things done in-house on campus with my own football team -- spend some time with them while everyone else is out."

Gene Chizik Knows It's the Same Distance From the Outhouse to the Mansion as It Is From the Mansion to the Outhouse


It's a good thing they lost, or else they'd have needed all that toilet paper to roll Toomer's Corner. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

Chizik Picks up 4-Star QB Tyrik Rollison


Good get for Chizik, possibly using his Texas connections to land him. I believe he's got academic issues, so we'll see if he makes it to Auburn. If he does, he may get a chance to play right away, as the rest of Auburn's QBs (led by Chris Todd) are crap in a bucket. By the way, Rollison was the last top-tier Texas HS QB to commit, and none of them picked Texas A&M. Which leaves them with zero QB commits in the '09 class and only Jerrod Johnson and Tommy Dorman on the depth chart. Well done, Sherman.

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