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Tim Brewster Joins Dan Mullen's Staff

As noted on Monday, Mississippi State receivers coach Angelo Mirando abruptly resigned for "personal issues". Dan Mullen has found his replacement in former Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster. UPDATE Joe Schad is reporting that Mirando resigned due to an NCAA investigation of his recruiting of at least one MSU player.

Spencer Hall Embeds with Mississippi State Football

Here's a good long read for your weekend if you missed it during the week. Spencer Hall got to embed with Mississippi State football for an entire day, and he reports on what a day in the life of Dan Mullen is. By chance, it happened to be the same day that Bobby Petrino was fired. It's good stuff.

Report: Dan Mullen to Interview at Penn State on Monday

The Penn State-following Rivals.com affiliate is reporting that Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen will interview for the right to follow Joe Paterno on Monday. He denied reports from earlier this week saying that he was close to a deal with PSU, claiming that rivals were planting them in the press to hurt his recruiting. If he does end up taking the Penn State job, his "rivals planted that story" line goes into the hall of fame of infamous denials right along side Nick Saban's "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach" and Tommy Tuberville's pine box. UPDATE, 34 MINUTES LATER Mullen has denied the report. That was fast

A Brief History of the Egg Bowl

The EDSBS Buyer's Guide goes over three of the SEC's big rivalry games this weekend, and it's a highly recommended read as always. Left out, though, is the Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. I happened upon this article earlier today, and it's a fascinating read if you're not familiar with the history of the rivalry. It runs about as deep and is as heated as anyone else's rivalry, which means there are some great stories in there. It's a bit dated (published 2003) so it doesn't get into the brewing hate between Houston Nutt and Dan Mullen, but it's still worth your time to get acquainted (if you're not already) with one of the South's great rivalries.

Update on Nick Bell

The latest news on Nick Bell is, well, that there is no news. Normally I wouldn't put up a FanShot for something like that, except there's been an anonymous rumor going around since this morning that Bell had passed away. I'm very happy to put that rumor in the busted bin. It's a stroke of good fortune that Mississippi State is in a bye week right now. That fact allowed Dan Mullen and about 50 players to visit Bell at the hospital in Birmingham yesterday.

Mississippi State Offered to Help Alabama for a Price

Apparently Mississippi State offered to help out Alabama with its scheduling conundrum in exchange for some kind of future favors from the SEC. Dan Mullen confirmed this, but he said outgoing MSU AD Greg Byrne didn't give him all the details. We're only left to wonder what kind of scheduling favors the SEC could offer to a school.

Gee Thanks, Dan Mullen

All the drama over Brett Favre is one thing I'm glad is left in the NFL's domain. Or, at least it was all in the NFL's domain. Brett's nephew, Dylan Favre, has committed to play for Dan Mullen and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. That ensures that for the next four years, we will be unable to escape the long shadow of Captain Indecisive, for any time Dylan does anything notable, we will undoubtedly hear about his famous uncle. Thanks Mullen. You did this to us.

Four More Coaches Weigh in on Alabama-Florida

ESPN's Ivan Maisel one upped Rivals' Tom Dienhart by getting four coaches to go on record in breaking down the SEC title game participants: Lane Kiffin, Dan Mullen, Rich Brooks, and South Carolina's Ellis Johnson. All of them, in one way or another, think Tim Tebow's the key to the game. To me, the best insight unsurprisingly came from the guy who used to coach the Florida quarterback: "We really encouraged them to run Tim Tebow. One thing with Tim is he will wear you down but he will not beat you with the big play. They moved the ball on us, but we stopped them in the red zone." Mullen's exactly right: you're better off having Tebow rush for two to six yards than having Jeff Demps go for 50 or letting Riley Cooper get open behind the defense.

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