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Full Article of Darren Woodruff's Side of the Brent Calloway Story


After last night's teaser, here's the full article about Darren Woodruff's side of the Brent Calloway story. His quotes here are in sync with Calloway's interview on TideSports.com. Essentially, they say nothing weird went on in his recruitment when it comes to the actual schools or the people in Calloway's family and circle of friends. They both accuse Doug Goodwin, Calloway's high school coach, of going overboard in trying to steer Calloway to Auburn right before signing day. In this particular article, Woodruff says Calloway didn't want to return to school right before signing day because he was afraid of Goodwin hassling him. That would give an explanation as to why they didn't have Goodwin involved in faxing in Calloway's LOI.

Darren Woodruff Fires Back at Jeffrey Lee


This link is just to a teaser story, but Darren Woodruff has fired back at AuburnSports.com's Jeffrey Lee. He sounds pretty angry, and if he's right that he did no wrong, I would be too. Also, Brent Calloway himself gave an interview with TideSports.com, but it's paywall'd. Have at it, subscribers.

Jeffrey Lee Responds With Sourced Story on Brent Calloway Recruitment


AuburnSports.com's Jeffrey Lee has scaled back his accusations in the Brent Calloway recruiting case.

Alabama is Investigating Brent Calloway Allegations


Some Alabama athletics department officials were busy yesterday looking into Jeffrey Lee's allegations of fishy business going on with Brent Calloway's recruitment. They interviewed all of the principle characters, and Calloway's high school principal said he doesn't believe the allegations are true. Though I have my suspicions as everyone does, I don't really know who's guilty of what these days. I will say this: Mal Moore and Alabama are far better at creating the appearance of doing something about their problems than Jay "No Comment" Jacobs and Auburn are. Here we have a story about Bama brass being out there the day after allegations arose about a recruit. Other than vague promises, I haven't seen anything come out of Auburn to indicate what the university is doing to address the allegations against it.

Auburn Rivals Publisher Jeffrey Lee Accuses Pay-for-Play in Brent Calloway's Recruitment (Updated)


The publisher of the Auburn Rivals site is alleging pay-for-play in the recruitment of Alabama's Brent Calloway.

National Signing Day 2011: SEC Cleans Up As Usual


The SEC cleaned up on national signing day, as it often does.

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