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Jessica Dorrell Resigns Job at Arkansas

Arkansas has wrapped up one of the last pieces the Bobby Petrino affair by coming to a settlement with Jessica Dorrell. She will resign her post, receive just under $14,000 from the Razorback Foundation, and agree not to talk about her time at the school. Sorry, but that means no book deal. About all that's left to do is figure out the post-spring head coaching situation. You know, nothing too major.

A Chronicle of the Suffering of Arkansas Fans

SI's George Schroeder says that the Bobby Petrino scandal is only the latest cause of suffering for Arkansas fans over the last 30+ years. Reading his rationale, it's hard to argue much with that sentiment.

Spencer Hall Embeds with Mississippi State Football

Here's a good long read for your weekend if you missed it during the week. Spencer Hall got to embed with Mississippi State football for an entire day, and he reports on what a day in the life of Dan Mullen is. By chance, it happened to be the same day that Bobby Petrino was fired. It's good stuff.

Arkansas Hires Paul Haynes as Defensive Coordinator

Bobby Petrino has hired a new defensive coordinator in Paul Haynes. He was previously safeties coach and co-DC at Ohio State, the latter position being new in 2011 after former co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickell became head coach. He's a young up-and-coming coach who has been a part of some fantastic defenses in Columbus. Haynes has worked with former Petrino assistant (and boss) John L. Smith and former Petrino assistant (and new UAB head coach) Garrick McGee. In his canned statement, Petrino says Haynes is "extremely familiar" with the way he runs things and cites the numerous championships Haynes has been a part of as a positive.

Paul Petrino Returns to Arkansas

Arkansas needed a new offensive coordinator after Garrick McGee took the job at UAB. So, meet the new coordinator, same as the old(er) coordinator: Paul Petrino is back in the Natural State. It never made sense to me that he left Fayetteville to go to Illinois. I can understand him wanting to get a job that allows him to shine without being overshadowed by his brother, but hitching your star to Ron Zook is a questionable decision. In any event, the continuity in the offense should be no problem with Paul coming back to work with Bobby. UPDATE The staff changes continue as defensive coordinator Willy Robinson is out. I never got the sense he was a bad coordinator, but I also never got the feeling the Razorbacks were going to win many championships with him.

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