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Preseason BlogPoll is Out

The preseason BlogPoll has landed, and it has Alabama in the top spot (unlike the Coaches or AP Polls). It also has the requisite eight SEC teams in it. All four SEC teams not in the top 25 also got votes. Each of the four got a vote from Tomahawk Nation, which did a strength of schedule ballot in protest of the concept of preseason polls. Additionally, a BC blog put Ole Miss 24th and SBN's Vandy blog Anchor of Gold voted its own team 25th.

New BlogPoll Out

The new edition of the BlogPoll is out, and Auburn is still comfortably in second place. The Tigers did pick up an extra first place vote over last week, while first place Oregon lost several largely as a result of fewer blogs casting votes this week. The SEC teams: 2. Auburn 5. Alabama 12. LSU 18. South Carolina 19. Arkansas 20, Mississippi State

Week 9 BlogPoll Out

Auburn is not No. 1 in the overall BlogPoll despite being so here, but the Tigers do slide into the Week 9 National Championship Game in second. Oregon remains in the top spot, and there's a big gap between Auburn and No. 3 Boise State. The SEC teams: 2. Auburn 7. Alabama 13. LSU 17. South Carolina 20. Arkansas 21. Mississippi State

BlogPoll Week 6 Out

Alabama won the BlogPoll so hard this week that it broke the system and ended up with more first place votes than there are voters. Whoops. 1. Alabama 8. Auburn 11. LSU 12. Arkansas 17. Florida 19. South Carolina

BlogPoll is Out

No Big East teams allowed this week, which is kind of sad. Kind of. 1. Alabama 7. Florida 10. Auburn 12. LSU 15. Arkansas 20. South Carolina

New BlogPoll is Out

The new edition of the BlogPoll is out. It's worth a look for Brian Cook's rantings against those who use strict resume balloting this early in the season. The SEC rankings: 1. Alabama (82) 10. Florida 12. South Carolina 14. Arkansas 15. LSU (1) 16. Auburn ARV: Georgia, Kentucky Yes, that's a first place vote for LSU.

Preseason BlogPoll is Officially Live

Regardless of what you may have seen earlier this week, the official preseason BlogPoll is live today at it's new SBNation home. Brian Cook has his normal writeup at the link above. Your SEC representation: 1. Alabama (87 of 116 first place votes) 4. Florida (1) 19. Arkansas 20, LSU 21. Georgia 23. Auburn Also receiving votes: South Carolina, Ole Miss

BlogPoll Moves to SB Nation

We are extremely proud to welcome the BlogPoll to SB Nation. The Top 25 can be found weekly at the link above, as well as Twitter and Facebook-type stuff.

BlogPoll: You'll never guess who's No. 1

Yeah, them. Alabama's No. 4, Ole Miss is at 8, LSU No. 11 and Georgia manages to stay in at No. 20. ARV: Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee and Auburn, though none of them seem likely to break into the poll next week unless they get a big win over their respective foes. And given that the Hogs have a bye week ...

Preseason BlogPoll is Out

Given that the point of the BlogPoll is to make a better poll than the pros, it seems counterproductive to do a preseason poll. Nevertheless, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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