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BlogPoll Roundtable: Tuck Fexas

The cow lovers over at Barking Carnival are hosting this week's BlogPoll roundtable, which focuses on this weekend's OTHER big game between OU and texas in Dallas. 1. Mack Brown has won three out...

Blogpoll Roundtable: 2008 Preseason Edition

As part of the blogpoll this year, the Georgia blog Hey Jenny Slater has been tapped to host roundtable discussions throughout the year with each of the participating blogs in the poll. Here are...

Happy Time, Preseason Blogpoll Roundtable Wrap-Up and TV Picks

Only two days left! It's Brandon Robinson day. College football is back. Get happy Eagles! If you need any other reason to be happy, well then I don't have much to say to you.Happy College Football...

Blogpoll Roundtable 2: We'd Love to Know What You Think of Us ...

This week’s blogpoll roundtable takes the form of a restaurant comment card on the first two weeks of the Eagles football season. The blogpoll roundtable is being hosted this week by Michael over...

Blogpoll Roundtable #3: Professor Chaos Edition

Psych! One more post before I get on a plane and head down to Raleigh tomorrow to watch the Eagles beat the Wolfpack ... Russell Wilson?! So? The blogpoll roundtable has come around again!The...

Blogpoll Roundtable 4: The Red River Shootout

The latest Blogpoll Roundtable is over at Barking Carnival, a Texas Longhorns blog. This week's roundtable is inspired by this weekend's Red River Shootout between Texas and Oklahoma. I hear that's...

Blogpoll Roundtable 5: Midseason Report Card

The fifth installment of this year's Blogpoll Roundtable is being held over at Corn Nation. As the name suggests, Corn Nation blogs Nebraska Cornhusker sports.1. We're about half way through the...

Basketblogpoll #3 and Roundtable

Rank Team Record Delta 1 Pittsburgh 25-2 3 2 Connecticut 25-2 1 3 North Carolina 24-3 1 4 Oklahoma 25-2 1 5 Memphis 24-3 1 6 Villanova 22-5 1 7 Clemson 21-4 1 8 Wake Forest 20-4 1 9...

Preseason Blogpoll Roundtable, or How T. Boone Pickens Fixes the BC Tailgating Scene

Throughout the season, much like last year, we'll be participating in the blogpoll roundtable. The first one of the year is hosted by Doug at Hey Jenny Slater.1. Without naming names, a few teams...

Blogpoll Roundtable 2, or when a Yankee comes in and runs the ACC

College Game Balls serves double duty this week, hosting both this past week's ACC Roundtable and the big boys roundtable. His questions are below followed by our answers.1. Which freshman...

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