SEC 2009 // South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina Leans on Hope, Again (6.29.09)
The cliché at this point would be to state that things haven't gone as expected for Spurrier since he's been to Columbia. But what does that even mean?

The Carolina Calendar (6.30.09)
An overview of each of the South Carolina Gamecocks' games this season.

Spurrier Meets with Two Students (7.1.09)
"Now, listen up, you two -- I'm going to coach both of you up. Gonna give you some ideas, this and that and the other, 'bout what you've been doing wrong. I've been in both of your positions before, done 'em both for a long time, so on and so forth, so I hope you'll listen."

Stephen Garcia -- and the Rest of the Depth Chart (7.1.09)
Couting both sides of the ball, 11 starters (by Phil Steele's count) return from a team that went 7-6 with a loss to Vanderbilt and uninspiring wins against dreadful UAB and FCS team Wofford. And then lost seven draft picks.

Hope and Homerism (7.1.09)
See, if there's one thing we South Carolina fans have, it's an undying fountain of hope. And sometimes life strings us along, handing us a 6-1 season and a No. 6 ranking, only to dash all those dreams again. But we keep coming back for more.

Guessing the Gamecocks (7.2.09)
No matter how much he might try to protest otherwise, this is likely a make-or-break year for Steve Spurrier in Columbia.

Classic Moments in Bad SEC Ads: On the Hunt (7.3.09)
Steve Spurrier and his good friend the Yella Fella are on a jungle safari looking for a rare breed of animal. Just when Spurrier is ready to give up, they happen upon a clearing...

A Gamecock's Mind (7.3.09)
Gamecock Man of Garnet And Black Attack agreed to answer a few questions as part of South Carolina week.

The Last Savior We Had Around Here Didn't Do So Well (7.3.09)
And herein lies the reason that some South Carolina fans feel better about the program now than they did before Spurrier came -- no huge peaks, but no deep valleys either. The Head Ball Coach has brought a semblance of consistency to Columbia -- something at which Sparky Woods never got a chance and at which Brad Scott and Lou Holtz failed.

Has South Carolina Underachieved Under Spurrier? (7.3.09)
As bad as things got from time to time, the team wasn't a complete disaster.

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