SEC 2009 // Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Looks for Direction (7.6.09)
Initially, there were great concerns about Georgia and its losses of Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. Somewhere along the line, the meme about Mark Richt doing his best work when expectations are lower cropped up too. Georgia gradually became almost a trendy contrarian pick, not necessarily to compete for a whole lot but at least to be an upper tier team.

Dawg Days (7.7.09)
An overview of each of the Georgia Bulldogs' games this season

The Secret Life of Evil Richt (7.8.09)
"You might have wondered why I called a blogger like yourself here," he said, pausing only long enough for your humble correspondent to begin to nod. "The fact of the matter is, I'm sick of all the credit going to that wimp." With that, he waved dimissively toward an angelic Richt family photo, the coach dressed in all white.

Does Mark Richt Do Best When Expectations Are Low? (7.8.09)
There seems to be a widespread belief that Mark Richt does great work when expectations are low. I have a feeling that's largely due to psychology. If a team is expected to finish in the top ten and does, then it's not particularly notable to anyone who's not a fan of that team. If it is not expected to be a top ten team and does end up there, then it's a more memorable event.

How Deep are the Dawgs? (7.8.09)
It is not "hard to disagree" with the idea that Joe Cox is the third-best quarterback in the SEC. I happen to think he's got almost as good a chance as anyone else, but there is almost no evidence to tell us whether he's more D.J. Shockley or Joe Tereshinski.

Calling the Canines (7.9.09)
I'm giving a lot of credit to Mark Richt because, quite frankly, he's Mark Richt. This is, in my mind, an optimistic way of looking at Georgia's season. But Richt has earned that.

Athens Answers (7.10.09)
We asked Doug from Hey Jenny Slater, to answer a few questions about the 2009 Dawgs.

Mark Richt Has Never Won a National Title. Does It Matter? (7.10.09)
Richt's record at Georgia has really been almost awe-inspiring: 82-22 overall (.788), 46-18 in the SEC (.719). He has two conference championships to his name, another pair of division crowns and six 10-win seasons to go along with his nine-win campaign and his inaugural eight-year season. But he has never hoisted the crystal football. Never even played for it, in fact.

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