SEC 2009 // Florida Gators

Florida's Song Remains the Same (8.10.09)
When you've won two national titles in three years, what do you do for an encore? How do you stay motivated when your fingers are so laden with jewelry? When you're a quarterback who's done that and won a Heisman in between those national titles, how do you follow it up?

The Connnectedness of Florida's Heisman Winners (8.10.09)
Everyone knows Florida has three Heisman Trophy winners: Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, and Tim Tebow. But, did you know just how connected they all are?

The Underdogs Florida Will Face (8.11.09)
An overview of each of the Florida Gators' games this season.

Don't Miss Tebow's Last Year (8.11.09)
I know that Tebow Fatigue has probably gotten to you. I urge you though: at least one point this season, don't let it.

Meet the New Gators, Same as the Old Gators (8.12.09)
Of course Florida has a lot of guys back from last year. That's where the whole "consensus preseason No. 1" stuff comes from. Seven offensive starters return, and the top 22 from the defense come back.

Gator Coaching Staff Changes Should Not Be Overlooked (8.12.09)
If you're counting along at home, that means the two new coaches on a team trying to go undefeated were a combined 0-28 last season between the winless Huskies and Lions. Clearly Urban Meyer took more than last year into account with the hires.

Tim Tebow's Wikipedia Entry, c. 2070 (8.13.09)
Timothy "Tim" Richard Tebow (born August 14, 1987) is an American college football player, coach and politician who is widely regarded as the Greatest Human of Our Era.

Florida Goes for Lucky No. 14 (8.13.09)
The only question, really, is whether Florida can go undefeated. Sure, some contrarian streaks are going to emerge here and there, telling you that Florida is not a lock for Atlanta -- nonsense -- and that the Gators aren't the prohibitive favorites to make the national title game.

Florida on YouTube (8.13.09)
It was 1986, and the Gators would finish the season 6-5. Had one win gone the other way, it would meant a season under .500. It was looking like Auburn was on its way to a victory on November 1 of that year, but Kerwin Bell had some other ideas.

Chomping Over Things About Florida With Alligator Army (8.14.09)
Alligator Army's mlmintampa agreed to answer a few questions for us about Florida's 2009 season.

Book Review: Historic Photos of University of Florida Football (8.14.09)
It's a walk through the ups and downs of Gator football from the controversial beginnings up until the first national title in 1996. Some of the old photos have been dug out of the state's archives and as a result have not been seen in decades.

Is 2009 Florida Another 2005 Southern Cal? (8.14.09)
It's not 2005 and Florida is not Southern Cal. But the same presumptuous expectations surround this team. The season is becoming less about the rest of college football or the rest of the SEC and more about a single question: Can anyone stop the Gators?

Florida Repeated and Undefeated: What Are the Odds? (8.14.09)
A theme throughout the week, as well as everyone else's Florida previews, is not just asking whether Florida can repeat as champions but also as an undefeated team. Here's a look at some in depth particulars to see what the Gators' chances are at doing just that.

Florida's Run Game in 2008 and 2009 (8.20.09)
I looked at Florida's top four rushers from last season to see who was most effective and how this year's running game should be structured.

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