Missouri Tigers Football

Missouri: DGB Suspended

Mizzou's star wide receiver was suspended for a violation of team rules, head coach Gary Pinkel announced Monday.

Michael Sam: 'I'm Gay'

The first openly gay NFL prospect in history comes from the SEC. What does that mean for college football?

Gary Pinkel. Dancing. That is all.

This is self-explanatory. Mind-blowing, but self-explanatory

Cotton Bowl: Mizzou Wins, Finishing Rebound Season

Missouri finished off a stunning comeback campaign with a win against Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl, a victory that showed reasons for optimism and caution about what the Tigers can do next year

Cotton Bowl: Old Big 12 Team Defends SEC's Pride

With the conference's reputation reeling from a loss against the Big 12, the SEC looks to a former Big 12 team to help repair the damage

Top 10 SEC Stories of 2013: Missouri's Revenge

Some said the Tigers didn't belong in the SEC. Those people were wrong.

How Can They Miss Mizzou If They Never Go Away?

The Tigers will take a trip back in time a couple of years to face their old Big 12 opponents in the Cotton Bowl

SEC Championship: Auburn Returns to the Summit

After one of the worst seasons in program history, Auburn returns to the SEC Championship Game and puts on a dominating performance. Will it be enough to give them another chance at national glory?

SEC Championship Game: Wild First Half

Things were unbelievably wild in the first half of the title bout between the Tigers and the Tigers. Expect more of the same as the game moves to the second half

Championship Game: Turnaround Teams in Atlanta

Both of these teams have experienced incredible turnarounds this season. But who finishes the job with an SEC title?


First Time for Everything: Title Game Rookies

As the Tigers -- the ones of the golden and black variety -- prepare to play in the Georgia Dome for the first time, we look at how other SEC title bout rookies have done in their initial trip to the event

SEC Championship Game Should Be Fun

There are no losers this weekend.

Auburn and Missouri's Common Opponents

Let's take a look at how they did against the same teams.

SECCG Preview: Auburn vs. Missouri: We Meet Again

What happened in the only previous Tiger-vs.-Tiger meeting?

Missouri 28, Texas A&M 21: Any More Questions?

Remember back when people were wondering if Mizzou really 'belonged' in the SEC? You don't hear that very much anymore

Missouri 24, Ole Miss 10: One Step Away

So far, so good in Mizzou's two-week sprint for the SEC East title. All they need to clinch their spot in Atlanta is a win against Johnny Manziel in his last regular-season game

Missouri 48, Kentucky 17: DGB Shines, Tigers Roll

There wasn't much to be surprised at in this game. But it looks like the expected phenom wideout is starting to show why everyone recruited him

Missouri vs. Kentucky: Exceeding Expectations

Missouri's better than we thought they were going to be, which means they're a whole lot better than Kentucky

Road to Atlanta: Five Games to Decide the East

As part of our ongoing effort decipher college football's craziest division, we take a look at which games will likely settle the question for good

Missouri 31, Tennessee 3: The Next Step

The Tigers stuff the Volunteers and get one game closer to a berth in the SEC Championship Game

Where Does the SEC East Stand Now?

The Tigers are still in a win-and-in situation as far as the SEC Championship Game goes. But there are a few more paths opening up for some of the other teams in the division

S. Carolina 27, Missouri 24: The East Goes Haywire

The Gamecocks stun the formerly undefeated Tigers and open the SEC East up all over again. Can Mizzou recover and close out the division?

South Carolina vs. Missouri: Show Me Again

There are some pundits who still doubt that Missouri is as good as it looks. Will a win against the Gamecocks finally kill the meme?

Missouri 36, Florida 17: Tigers Control East

Missouri is sitting pretty after another statement win in the division.

Florida vs. Missouri: Setting the Pace

This is suddenly a very big game in the race for the SEC East. So which team with injury issues will emerge with its division hopes still standing?

If Not Missouri, Who Controls the East?

If the James Franklin injury will end up eliminating Mizzou, who is in best shape to swoop in and take it?

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