SEC Football

14 for '14: The Race for the West


The most heated rivalry takes on the greatest importance.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

14 for '14: The Race for the East


The South Carolina-Georgia rivalry is one of the odder ones in football.


Verizon FiOS's Gambit on the SEC Network

Are they waiting until closer to kickoff? Do they even intend to carry the channel at all?

14 for '14: LSU's Inexperience vs. Miles' Record


The Tigers head coach has made a habit of stringing together 10-win seasons, no matter what you think of him and no matter the odds. Why should this year be any different?

14 for '14: Florida Is Unpredictably Predictable


The Gators have a lot of reasons that they could be volatile, but the schedule could ensure a small range of possibilities

Year 2 Brand SEC Picks: 2014 Edition


It's going to be a beautiful mess.

AP Poll: The SEC Will Be Really, Really Good Again


Eight conference teams are in the final rankings, and a ninth wasn't that far from making it. That's a bit friendlier than the coaches poll, which was also heavy on SEC teams

14 for '14: LSU Loses Talent to the Draft. Again


For the second straight season, the Tigers are facing questions about whether they can overcome seeing several of their best players head to the pros

14 for '14: Florida's Roster Is Healthy. For Now


There were more than enough injuries for Florida last season. There's a lot of talent coming back this year, presuming that the top-notch players can stay on the field

Jordan Matthews Headlines SEC Rookies


Jordan Matthews (from Vanderbilt) will wow Eagles fans at the next level with his ball skills and route-running ability. He's the fantasy owner's best friend or worst nightmare. Make him the latter.

TSK Replay: The First Night of the SEC Network


A look back at the initial outing of the conference's channel: A three-hour showing of its flagship 'SEC Now' series

Live-Tweeting the SEC Network Launch


Tweets from

CFB Playoff Rules Are Good, Should Be Better


The 'protocols' leave a lot to be desired, but there is at least one that should provide some of the transparency that was promised

14 for '14: Florida on Schedule This Season


There's nothing too out-of-the-ordinary in the Gators' slate this season, with the possible exception of the importance of the results to the head coach

The New SI College Football Regional Preview Cover Goes To ...


Alabama. Don't even pretend you thought it was going to anyone else.

14 for '14: From a Homestand to a Taxing November


The Tigers don't get a bye until November -- but, then again, they might not need one

'Bama, Auburn, and MSU Recruiting Trends 2004-2014


How important has out-of-state recruiting been to 'Bama, Auburn, and MSU since 2004?

'14 for 14: Who is Will Muschamp?


Do we even know yet?

SEC Network Releases Details About First-Day Programming


Looks like it will have a lot of good stuff and a few of the mainstays of ESPN programming. ("Auburn offensive lineman Shon Coleman was sidelined in 2011 and 2012 while fighting leukemia. Coleman returned last September and is battling for the starting left tackle position vacated by Greg Robinson, the No. 2 overall pick in last year's NFL Draft." Cue soft-focus lenses.) Plus, there will be reports from all 14 SEC campuses -- including Rece Davis from Auburn. Yes, Rece Davis, Alabama alum and one of the only people who can troll and entertain at the same time, will be on air live from the Greater Opelika Metropolitan Area. That is appointment viewing, ladies and gentlemen. We'll also get to see how much Will Muschamp screams during a walkthrough. Good times.

14 for '14: Les Miles and the Long Game


The art and science of long tenures.

14 for '14: Missouri Sets a Baseline Number


The Tigers missed a bowl after their first season in the SEC and then won a division in their second. What happens now?

14 for '14: Mississippi State and Expectations


There are reasonable objections to projecting the Bulldogs to have a very good season this year. Here are some attempted answers

14 for '14: Missouri Needs a Youth Movement


In an SEC East race that's defined by roster turnover, the Tigers might be losing more than anyone else

14 for '14: Mississippi State Returns This Year


The Bulldogs have one of the most experienced rosters in the conference this year. Can that help them give Dan Mullen his most successful season yet?

Johnny Manziel Impresses in NFL Preseason Week 1


Johnny Manziel takes the field, finally, in a Cleveland Browns uniform and shows clips of Texas A&M self.

Hansbrough, Murphy look to fill Josey's role


With the departure of Henry Josey, Mizzou's stable of running backs looks to fill that hole, and it all starts with Russell Hansbrough and Marcus Murphy.

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