SEC Football

Watch All 14 SEC Network Promo Videos

There's one for every team.

Peach Bowl Name is Returning

It's going back to being the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl instead of the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

"Seminoles." Call it a F-Lorde-a song

Florida students decide to get into the YouTube smack talk business. And then things get weird

Who is the SEC's Next Great Freshman Running Back?

Will the conference keeps its streak of great freshman runners alive?

The NYT Story Isn't Just About FSU. It's About Us

The nation's paper of record writes about a college football star, and in the process documents a deeper problem in our culture

2014 NFL Draft: Don't Indulge Spy Fantasies

Sure, let's just take everything that any scout or executive says at face value.

A Spring Practice Report for Every Team

Here's what you need to know from your favorite team's spring practice.

Missouri: DGB Suspended

Mizzou's star wide receiver was suspended for a violation of team rules, head coach Gary Pinkel announced Monday.

SEC Spring Football: What to Expect (Not Really)

Every team in the SEC -- well, almost every team in the SEC -- has a spring game coming up this month. Here's a look at when they will be played and the TV arrangements

Mike Slive Resigns; SEC Hires Dan Beebe

It's already been a day of surprising developments in the administration of the nation's most prominent college athletics conference


Why I'm Not Celebrating the NLRB Ruling

The ruling for Northwestern students might not survive appeal. But if it does, the fallout could be a lot more chaotic and disappointing than you think

NCAA May Deregulate Conference Championship Games

It's a big change that would have wide ranging implications.

Brent Musburger, Jesse Palmer Are Lead SECN Announcers

Big news today, as ESPN has announced that Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are going to be the lead SEC Network announcing team. The worldwide leader is not skimping on the talent, for sure.


Alabama Is Ruining College Football?

How the Crimson Tide's recruiting might be hurting other schools

Rewinding Mississippi State: Spurrier or Holtz?

The Mississippi State head coach seems to be stuck in a rut. But were there hopeful signs for breaking out of it last year? Fifth in a series of team-by-team reviews of the 2013 season

NCAA Shelves 10-Second Rule

CFB rules committee tabled 10-second rule proposal, sources told @ESPN. Oversight panel will not vote on rule Thursday

From Brett McMurphy So there you go. The proposed 10-second rule for allowing substitutions is not going to happen. It's technically not totally dead, but it's not getting a vote either.

Watch Bama and A&M's 2013 Shootout

It doesn't have to be the offseason if you don't want it to be.

Rewinding Florida: When Does Muschamp Get Fired?

The Florida head coach faces a make-or-break season in 2014 after the disaster in 2013. Fourth in a series of team-by-team reviews of the 2013 season

AJ McCarron Still Doesn't Understand His Criticism

Quotes from a press conference today reveal him as either intentionally obtuse or truly not understanding what everyone has been talking about.

Bielema Clarifies "Death Certificates" Remark

Bret Bielema made controversial remarks yesterday that the reason he's in favor of the proposed rule to delay hurry up offenses is due to "death certificates". This was in reference to a Cal football player who passed away recently. In this interview, he sounds a lot less callous.

College Football's Success Might Bring Its Decline

Student attendance and engagement in college football is fading. Here's one idea as to why.

DirecTV Says It's Still Negotiating

The plot thickens

Hardball Begins: DIRECTV Might Not Carry SEC Net

One provider might be the first to say that it won't carry the conference's channel. It's probably not time to freak out just yet

NCAA Could Improve Player Safety With Two Rules

The NCAA wants rule changes to protect players? OK. The one it just proposed isn't a good one. Let's improve on this.

The End of the HUNH? Not Quite

Some of the coaches are using safety concerns as a cover for their inability to change. But that doesn't mean that those safety concerns aren't valid -- or that there's no way to address them without ruining football

Which Big Ten School Bad Mouthed South Carolina?

We've got a mystery on our hands.

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