SEC Network Announcement Coming Tuesday

The long-awaited SEC Network announcement is coming next Tuesday according to the Sports Business Journal. The SBJ broke the news of the network originally and has been on the money ever since, so I think this report is a safe one.

Former Players Allege Misdeeds at Auburn

Mike McNeil, among other former players, allege some NCAA violations were going on at Auburn dating as far back as 2007. They include academic fraud, player payments, and overspending on recruits. The overall story tells of how McNeil got no support from the school following his arrest on armed robbery charges in early 2011, allegations he denies and will fight at trial. He certainly feels like he has an ax to grind against the school, so take his words with whatever grain of salt you choose to. If there is any truth to what he's saying, then it could cast a shadow that actually sticks across the Chizik era on the Plains.

Greatest Recruiting Letter Ever

A Mississippi State coach has a very simple message for 4-star linebacker recruit Michael Ferns. You just have to see it.

Mike Gundy Seriously Considered Tennessee

Turns out Mike Gundy really did consider the Tennessee job before deciding he couldn't leave his alma mater. Sounds like the allure came down to a belief that UT is an easier place than Oklahoma State to win a national title, and because (essentially, in so many words) he could play more cupcakes in Knoxville. He euphemistically describes is as having concerns about scheduling, but one big concern is about playing a tough opponent in a kickoff game on top of a nine-game conference schedule. So, cupcakes.

Joker Phillips Invokes Heath Ledger's Joker

Several Florida football coaches have recently turned their Twitter feeds into nonstop broadcasts of recruiting messages. New WR coach Joker Phillips is among them. Today, he posted this vaguely unsettling photoshop job of turning an image of Heath Ledger's version of the Joker from The Dark Knight into a poster telling recruits to come play for him. Whatever works, I guess, but it's a little creepy if you ask me.

Nate Silver: Florida has a 12.7 percent chance of winning NCAA

If you don't know who Nate Silver is and don't know whether you should trust him -- well, just ask Mitt Romney whether he should have listened to his own pollsters or Silver. In any case, The New York Times' statistical probability guru gives Florida a 12.7 percent chance of winning the NCAA basket-ball tournament, giving the Gators the third-best chance in the country.

Game Of Change: Pivotal Matchup Helped End Segregated Hoops

A basketball game between Mississippi State and Loyola of Chicago 50 years ago helped end segregated college basketball. NPR had a good story about it this morning that you can either listen to or read here. Projects Huge Manziel Win

Kari Chisholm of collects known Heisman votes and turns them into a projection. His model, which is 10-for-10 in picking winners so far, has Johnny Manziel not just winning the statuette, but being one of the top 10 winners ever. A lot of voters have expressed the thought that this year's was one of the tougher decisions they've had to make. If that's true, the vast majority ended up breaking the same way.

Art Briles Off the Market

Baylor's Art Briles has been mentioned as a possible fallback choice for Arkansas and to a lesser extent Auburn and Tennessee. Not anymore, it looks like.

Nutt set to interview at South Florida

Alex Marvez of is reporting that Houston Dale might be getting back into coaching, as he's going to interview for the USF job. Tampa, prepare for some heppin' possibly coming your way.


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