New SEC Deal With CBS Is For Same Money

The results of post-expansion negotiations on one front are in, and the league is netting no extra money from CBS. The only new thing form the extended deal is what we learned on May 2, that CBS's exclusivity window for the 3:30 pm ET time slot is no more. It makes sense when you think about it. CBS carries one game a week for all but the first two weeks, plus one doubleheader per year. Expanding the league doesn't matter much to a broadcaster that is only carrying one game per week. Plus with CBS paying around $4 million per game, it's hard to justify upping the rights fee based on merely putting more teams in the league when they don't have higher profiles than the existing premium teams.

Texas A&M's Proposed Kyle Field Improvements

Texas A&M plans to turn Kyle Field into a palace. These are some breathtaking plans. They have a website up with more details.

It's Good To Be The King

Video gave me goosebumps. Hey rest of the country.... resistance is futile!!!!


SEC commish Mike Slive said SEC/ESPN press conference to announce SEC Network will be May 2 in Atlanta

From Brett McMurphy I have a feeling a delay this long (from April 16) has less to do with allowing enough time to pass from the awful events in Boston that postponed it in the first place and more to do with find a day that all of the VIPs could reschedule to. More than enough time has passed now, but many who will attend are busy people.

Auburn Fans Serving in Afghanistan Rolled a Tank

Yesterday was the final rolling of the oaks at Toomer's Corner in Auburn. A few Auburn fans who are serving in the military in Afghanistan couldn't make it home for the big occasion, so they did what they could: they rolled a tank. It's a really cool picture.

Which SEC QBs Have the Best Draft Value?

Dave Bartoo of is one of the better football analysts out there, and he has looked at recent history to find out what the hallmarks of a good NFL quarterback draft pick are. Find out who he thinks represents a good value among the SEC QBs projected to be picked: Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, and Jordan Rodgers.

SEC Postpones TV Event in Light of Boston Tragedy

We are definitely shocked and saddened by the bombings in Boston, and our thoughts and prayers are with those affected. There is a bit of news to report, though, which is that the conference has postponed its SEC Network news conference in light of the tragedy. It's the right call.

SEC Network Announcement Coming Tuesday

The long-awaited SEC Network announcement is coming next Tuesday according to the Sports Business Journal. The SBJ broke the news of the network originally and has been on the money ever since, so I think this report is a safe one.

Hey yall know SEC baseball is in full swing right?


Just sayin. It'd be something to write about. I think I remember seeing SEC baseball talk here before.

Former Players Allege Misdeeds at Auburn

Mike McNeil, among other former players, allege some NCAA violations were going on at Auburn dating as far back as 2007. They include academic fraud, player payments, and overspending on recruits. The overall story tells of how McNeil got no support from the school following his arrest on armed robbery charges in early 2011, allegations he denies and will fight at trial. He certainly feels like he has an ax to grind against the school, so take his words with whatever grain of salt you choose to. If there is any truth to what he's saying, then it could cast a shadow that actually sticks across the Chizik era on the Plains.


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