Gary Pinkel. Dancing. That is all.

This is self-explanatory. Mind-blowing, but self-explanatory

Rick Neuheisel Singing "Born in the SEC"

Surprised this wasn't posted here yet.

Saban Denies Interest in Texas, Again

"I don't know where y'all get these reports. I don't know where y'all get your information, but I've already commented on all of this stuff," Saban said at his Wednesday press conference. "There's nothing new or different that's ever happened. I'm very committed to the University of Alabama. Love being here. Talk about it before, don't need to talk about it again."

Nick Saban has to deny interest in Texas again I know fans of a lot of programs get anxious when there's talk of their coach possibly leaving. Well, all of this business with Saban is proof that nearly every good coach is not immune to talk of a jump elsewhere. If no one has an eye on your head man, that's when it's time to worry. As for Saban, I don't think he's going anywhere. I do, however, get a kick out of him getting angrier and angrier with each time he's forced to issue a denial of something. Hopefully the potential stability of a new AD being named at Texas won't end all of the rumormongering.

Arkansas's Jeff Long Is CFP Committee Chair

Arkansas AD Jeff Long is the first College Football Playoff selection committee chairman.

Aspects of SI story of former Okla. State safety Fath' Carter not true based on documents

Some claims made by key players from SI's series on Oklahoma State aren't true based on some documentation that ESPN received. Players who didn't go on record for the story have already been poking holes in some of the stories, and now we know that Fath' Carter, one of the most extensively quoted players, lied about some things.

South Carolina's Rap Video Is Great

Everyone else, you're done. No one else gets to do any more college football rap videos. South Carolina wins.

Compu-Picks 2013 Preview: The good news about Missouri

A brief description of why Missouri is underrated going into 2013.

Compu-Picks 2013 Preview, SEC Edition

The Compu-Picks 2013 Preview is up, and I'm sharing the SEC section for free!

Wright Thompson's Profile of Manziel

Stop wasting time and go read it.


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