Conference Realignment

Exhaustive coverage of the SEC's expansion, including the hurdles to adding Texas A&M and the effort to bring Missouri into the fold.

The End of the Great Conference Realignment Wave?


Every college football conference has seen its membership change since 2010. Now, we can finally being to breathe easily. We hope

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Report: SEC Schedule for 2014 Coming Wednesday

ESPN's Brett McMurphy says that we'll have the actual schedule for next football season days before the looming football season begins. But that's not likely to end the argument over how the league...

SEC Expansion: Taking Stock Now That It's All Over


Now that all the television contracts are signed, we can begin seriously talking about the legacy of the latest round of SEC expansion. Was it a good thing or a bad thing for the conference?

Report: Big Ten Has Evaluated Vanderbilt


Nope, this isn't from a message board.

SEC Expansion Likely Dead for 14 Years


If you didn't want the league to expand any more, then rest easy.

Big East, Mountain West Should Consider a Merger


The MWC and CUSA almost merged this year. The idea should be revived with the Big East taking CUSA's place.

Big East Might Split Apart


The non-football playing members of the Big East had a meeting about potentially breaking up the conference.

ACC Replaces Maryland With Louisville


The Cardinals finally got their ticket out of the Big East, but the Big East is also running out of suitable replacement schools for the ACC to poach.

SEC Doesn't Need to React to Big Ten Expansion


The Big Ten is adding Maryland and Rutgers. What does the SEC need to do in response? Nothing.

Potential Fight Between Maryland and ACC is Big

If Maryland is serious about leaving the ACC, its battle to get out will be very consequential.

Conference Realignment: Idaho, New Mexico State and Creative Destruction


Idaho and New Mexico State might soon be forced back to the FCS. Is that really good for college football?

Latest Crazy Conference Realignment Rumors Have ACC Either Growing or Splitting Apart


A crazy new conference realignment rumor has either the ACC getting stronger with Notre Dame or losing three members to the Big Ten and SEC.

SEC's Biggest Stories in 2011 No. 1: The New SEC


Texas A&M and Missouri entering the SEC in 2011 was easily the conference's biggest story of the year.

Missouri to SEC Press Conference: Go East, Young Men -- There's Gold in Them Hills


We all knew that Missouri was joining the SEC. So did we learn anything from the official official press conference?



The Tigers will likely begin SEC play in 2012, but there are still plenty of significant questions left to resolve

Big East Sues West Virginia to Preserve Itself for 27 Months


A new wrinkle in the convoluted conference realignment saga: The countersuit.

Conference Realignment Today: Brady Deaton Delays India Trip; West Virginia Filing Suit


The wheels of conference realignment continue to turn, whether or not we really want them to. Here's the latest.

West Virginia Officially Headed to Big 12, Likely Killing Big East's Remaining AQ Hopes


West Virginia is headed for the Big 12 -- eventually. What that means for the SEC's plans to add Missouri.

The SEC Announces Missouri as 14th Member. But Not Really


The SEC's Web page welcoming Missouri to the league accidentally became public late Thursday. It raises all sorts of interesting and troubling questions.

Slive: SEC Working on Schedule That Would Include Missouri


The SEC is definitely stuck at 13 teams for 2012? Nobody's told Mike Slive yet.

Conference Realignment Evening Update: And Now Congress Gets Involved


A look at where conference realignment is as of this evening. How the heck did Congress get involved in this again?

Conference Realignment: West Virginia, Louisville in Big 12 Tussle, Reports Say


West Virginia and Louisville both want to go to the Big 12. It's not clear that either of them will actually get an invitation.

From the Desk of Commissioner John Marinatto


The commissioner responds to critics of his leadership and the Big East. (Please note: satire)

Reports: West Virginia Mountaineers Headed to Big 12, Missouri Tigers to SEC


Reports have West Virginia moving to the Big 12 to replace the departing Missouri Tigers.

SEC Expansion: Could Missouri Stay in the Big 12?


The outcome from the Big 12 meeting raises an interesting question: Could Missouri stay?

SEC Expansion: Missouri Board of Curators Calls Conservative Running Play


What does today's decision by the board of curators really mean? A very little.

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