Auburn Tigers Football

Who is the SEC's Next Great Freshman Running Back?

Will the conference keeps its streak of great freshman runners alive?

Auburn Band Reacts to Iron Bowl End

This is what college football is all about.

BCS National Championship: The End. So Start Over

The SEC's streak ends at seven as Florida State survives against Auburn. What does that mean for the Tigers, for the league and for college football?

BCS National Championship Game Pick: Bookends

Auburn is still the underdog tonight, but if they pull off the win, it would be a nice set of bookends for both the conference and the program

BCS National Championship Game: Cast of Characters

Our annual look at the players and coaches who will shape tonight's BCS National Championship Game

Auburn's Two Most Important Players

Auburn will need these two guys to have monster games to beat Florida State.

BCS Championship Game: Will Layoff Hurt Auburn?

The Tigers' attack depends on the kind of precision and timing that comes from playing regularly, something Auburn hasn't done in a month. Will that hurt them tonight?

Auburn Will Get Its Run Yards on Florida State

There will be time for more in-depth analysis later, but for now, here's what jumps out about the BCS National Championship Game matchup of Florida State and Auburn.

Report: Auburn Headed to National Title Game

Yeah, nobody really doubted it would happen, but the suspense appears to be over. ESPN's Brett McMurphy says the Tigers will be in Pasadena to end the season


Michigan St. Beats Ohio St.; Auburn to Title Game?

An upset in the Up North Conference paves the way for the Tigers to make a run at keeping the SEC's streak of BCS victories alive

SEC Championship: Auburn Returns to the Summit

After one of the worst seasons in program history, Auburn returns to the SEC Championship Game and puts on a dominating performance. Will it be enough to give them another chance at national glory?

SEC Championship Game: Wild First Half

Things were unbelievably wild in the first half of the title bout between the Tigers and the Tigers. Expect more of the same as the game moves to the second half

Championship Game: Turnaround Teams in Atlanta

Both of these teams have experienced incredible turnarounds this season. But who finishes the job with an SEC title?

SEC Championship Game Should Be Fun

There are no losers this weekend.

Auburn and Missouri's Common Opponents

Let's take a look at how they did against the same teams.

SECCG Preview: Auburn vs. Missouri: We Meet Again

What happened in the only previous Tiger-vs.-Tiger meeting?

Auburn 34, Alabama 28: Upset Changes Everything

Another miracle on the Plains sends Auburn to the SEC Championship Game and ends the Tide's dreams of a third straight national title. So what now?

Auburn vs. Alabama: Not the Biggest Iron Bowl Ever

Some are saying this could be the most important or biggest Iron Bowl in the history of the annual contest. That might be stretching things a bit, but it's certainly good company for some of the series' most gripping games

Auburn, Ohio State and What Matters in the BCS

If the Tigers do manage to pull the upset Saturday, should they be in the national title conversation regardless of what happens to Ohio State?

The One Thing Auburn Can't Do and Win

If the Tigers are to win this weekend's game, they can't do this.

Auburn 43, Georgia 38: The Wildest Game Yet

A Hail Mary ripples throughout the SEC, keeping South Carolina alive in the East and making the Iron Bowl a seismic game in the West

Auburn 55, Tennessee 23: Tigers Gear Up for Finale

Tennessee looked like it might put a scare into the Tigers early on. And then Auburn showed why it's in the running for an SEC West title

Auburn vs. Tennessee: Known Unknowns

It's worth asking just how genuine Auburn's famed turnaround has been -- and whether that means anything against a team as bad as Tennessee

Auburn 35, Arkansas 17: Bizarro Football

There were some moments when it seemed like the head coaches of these two teams had switched places. But that was about as close to surprise as you could get

Auburn vs. Arkansas: The Games You Need to Win

This game is Auburn's easiest remaining contest and a win that Arkansas really needs

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