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Bielema Clarifies "Death Certificates" Remark

Bret Bielema made controversial remarks yesterday that the reason he's in favor of the proposed rule to delay hurry up offenses is due to "death certificates". This was in reference to a Cal football player who passed away recently. In this interview, he sounds a lot less callous.

Rewinding Arkansas: Born to Run

Arkansas experienced a second straight lost year, but this one might have given hints about the future Bret Bielema sees for his program. Second in a series of team-by-team reviews of the 2013 season

LSU 31, Arkansas 27: Down Seasons Come to an End

Bret Bielema almost got his first conference victory, but the magic that is Les Miles was too much for the Hogs to overcome

Arkansas vs. LSU: A Sometimes-Surprising Series

The hopes for an upset are relatively small in this one, but will the unpredictably of the Battle for the Boot give the Hogs a chance?

Mississippi St 24, Arkansas 17: It Will Have To Do

There wasn't much pretty about MSU's overtime victory against the Hogs, but it keeps their one remaining goal on the table

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss: Motivation

Arkansas is playing out the string on a lost season. Ole Miss is out to try to lock down another sign of the progress Hugh Freeze has made

Auburn 35, Arkansas 17: Bizarro Football

There were some moments when it seemed like the head coaches of these two teams had switched places. But that was about as close to surprise as you could get

Auburn vs. Arkansas: The Games You Need to Win

This game is Auburn's easiest remaining contest and a win that Arkansas really needs

Alabama 52, Arkansas 0: A Rational Game

Alabama will not be one of the teams upset tonight. It was never even close to happening

Arkansas's Jeff Long Is CFP Committee Chair

Arkansas AD Jeff Long is the first College Football Playoff selection committee chairman.


South Carolina 52, Arkansas 7: Any Questions? Yes

The Gamecocks make a statement by overwhelming Arkansas, but there are still flaws in the would-be division contender

South Carolina vs. Arkansas Preview: Rivalry's End

Arkansas has proven skilled at disrupting South Carolina's more promising seasons. Can they take advantage of the Gamecocks' on-again, off-again tendencies to ruin this one?

Halfway Gone: Arkansas Looks Better

The Razorbacks seem to be playing a little bit better in BERT's first season. But how long can they keep it up as the schedule grows more difficult

Florida 30, Arkansas 10: Gators Win Sloppy Game

It wasn't pretty, but it never is when Florida is involved anymore.

Rutgers 28, Arkansas 24: Body Blow for Bowl Hopes?

The Razorbacks' path to a bowl gets much harder after a stunning comeback by the home team

Arkansas vs. Rutgers Preview: Who Are You?

We don't really know what to make of either of these teams right now. So can this game tell us anything about either of them?

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