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SEC TV Schedule, Week 2

A rundown of the SEC football Week 2 schedule.

The SEC Billboard War Goes Guerrilla in Gainesville

Someone sympathetic to Texas A&M has put up a billboard in Gainesville saying that the city has been "annexed by Aggie Nation". It also touts TAMU as having the best academics and the cleanest program in the SEC. All we know right now is that A&M itself didn't put the thing up. This being the week ahead of the Aggies-Gators match up, this might go beyond bulletin board material and coin the term "billboard material". The only thing I can't figure out is why they put it at 13th and 53rd, a place where few students (much less athletes) are likely to see it in person. I guess that's all that was available on short notice. UPDATE: The billboard has come down over trademark complaints.

SEC Power Poll, Week 1: Out of the Gate

The first SEC Power Poll of the 2012 season has a familiar face on top. And lots of confusion about what comes after the Big 5.

Final BlogPoll Ballot and a Defense of Week 1 Resume Balloting

So I take Poseur at his word when he said he wasn't directly taking a shot at me when he said this about Week 1 resume balloting. But it's worth taking a look at what he said about it and why I...

Sprints is Playing Old Man Football // 09.04.12

A Missouri defensive tackle runs his mouth a little too much and the rest of the SEC news that's fit to make fun of.

SEC Power Poll Ballot: This One's a Bit More Normal

1. AlabamaBefore long, Alabama is going to become just like Boise State -- no one's going to agree to play them the first week of the season, regardless of how much money ESPN offers. 2. LSUI bet...

Footballifact: Oklahoma's Title Game Bona Fides, Alabama's Reloading and More

How did the conventional wisdom in college football look in the first weekend? Let's take a look.

BlogPoll Ballot, Week 1: This One's a Bit Different

I feel like I should introduce this. (Looks at ballot again.) I know that I should introduce this. I didn't get a BlogPoll preseason ballot in this year, and what I normally do with my first ballot...

Louisville 32, Kentucky 14: The Clock Starts Ticking on Joker Phillips

Kentucky got demolished by Louisville on Sunday, meaning Joker Phillips' seat is getting warmer.

Week 1 Story Lines from Around the Country

Here is a rundown of everything that happened outside the SEC in Week 1.

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