Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Tennessee Will Soon Be in the National Discussion


The second-most important SEC team in the national championship race just might end up being the Vols.

Saban Denies Interest in Texas, Again


"I don't know where y'all get these reports. I don't know where y'all get your information, but I've already commented on all of this stuff," Saban said at his Wednesday press conference. "There's nothing new or different that's ever happened. I'm very committed to the University of Alabama. Love being here. Talk about it before, don't need to talk about it again."

Nick Saban has to deny interest in Texas again I know fans of a lot of programs get anxious when there's talk of their coach possibly leaving. Well, all of this business with Saban is proof that nearly every good coach is not immune to talk of a jump elsewhere. If no one has an eye on your head man, that's when it's time to worry. As for Saban, I don't think he's going anywhere. I do, however, get a kick out of him getting angrier and angrier with each time he's forced to issue a denial of something. Hopefully the potential stability of a new AD being named at Texas won't end all of the rumormongering.

Maurice Couch Declared Permanently Ineligible

The Tennessee defensive lineman is apparently the first player punished in the NCAA investigation of impermissible benefits from Davis. But will he be the last?

Alabama 45, Tennessee 10: There They Go Again

It's getting harder and harder to tell one Alabama win from another. The easy win against Tennessee is a part of that pattern

Tennessee vs. Alabama: The Third Fourth Saturday


There are going to be plenty of narratives going into this game about why it might surprise. You should be careful about those

Alabama 52, Arkansas 0: A Rational Game

Alabama will not be one of the teams upset tonight. It was never even close to happening

Clamor for a Rematch? Not Bloody Likely


Gary Danielson is already lobbying for round two of the Tide vs. the Aggies if both teams win out. Here's why it's not going to happen

Halfway Gone: Alabama Just Continues to Win


What are the chances that someone can knock off the Tide?

Bama vs. Kentucky Preview: Better than Advertised?


Nobody really thinks that Kentucky has a chance of winning this football game. But that doesn't mean that we can't try out a theory

Report: Bama Staffer Provided Money to Clinton-Dix


Bad news in Alabama.

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