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Watch Bama and A&M's 2013 Shootout

It doesn't have to be the offseason if you don't want it to be.

AJ McCarron Still Doesn't Understand His Criticism

Quotes from a press conference today reveal him as either intentionally obtuse or truly not understanding what everyone has been talking about.

(Non-)Issues at Bama Show Changed NCAA Perception

Alabama has had a run of potential NCAA issues. That no one cares about them shows how things have changed.

Alabama OC Doug Nussmeier Leaves for Michigan

It doesn't happen often, but Nick Saban lost an assistant to the same job at another school.

The Last Night of the Alabama Dynasty

The Alabama football program might not be going anywhere soon, but the loss to Oklahoma was still a blow to the idea that the Tide can't be turned

Sugar Bowl Preview: Can Alabama Dodge Deja Vu?

The last time Nick Saban and Co. went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, it wasn't a pleasant trip. They'll try to avoid a similar upset this time around


McCarron Takes Home Hardware, Leaves Debate Behind

How does one win an award for being the nation’s best player, and another win an award with the same definition?

Nick Saban Didn't Go Anywhere. Despite Texas' Cash

Despite what you've heard from the Twitters and the people hawking subscriptions to pay sites, Nick Saban will not be the next Texas coach. And we really mean that

Report: Alabama to Sugar Bowl Confirmed

Alabama is BCS-bound along with its in-state rival; the Tide will go to the Sugar Bowl to play the Oklahoma Sooners

Auburn 34, Alabama 28: Upset Changes Everything

Another miracle on the Plains sends Auburn to the SEC Championship Game and ends the Tide's dreams of a third straight national title. So what now?


Auburn vs. Alabama: Not the Biggest Iron Bowl Ever

Some are saying this could be the most important or biggest Iron Bowl in the history of the annual contest. That might be stretching things a bit, but it's certainly good company for some of the series' most gripping games

The One Thing Auburn Can't Do and Win

If the Tigers are to win this weekend's game, they can't do this.

Should You Take SI's McCarron Cover Seriously?

If only there was a guideline for this sort of thing.

Alabama 20, Mississippi St. 7: An Upset Spurned

The Tide came down with the turnover bug and almost gave away the game. But Mississippi State was in no mood to accept it

Alabama vs. Mississippi St.: Not a Trap Game

You almost always have to keep an eye on Alabama when they play an SEC football game in November. But probably not this week

Alabama 38, LSU 17: A Win to Make Nick Saban Smile

The Tide gets a win in its biggest game of the season so far and gets one step closer to a defining battle with Auburn

LSU vs. Alabama: State of Play in the SEC West

The Bayou Bengals still have a slim chance of winning the division. But they have to defeat the Tide tonight

Tennessee Will Soon Be in the National Discussion

The second-most important SEC team in the national championship race just might end up being the Vols.

Saban Denies Interest in Texas, Again

"I don't know where y'all get these reports. I don't know where y'all get your information, but I've already commented on all of this stuff," Saban said at his Wednesday press conference. "There's nothing new or different that's ever happened. I'm very committed to the University of Alabama. Love being here. Talk about it before, don't need to talk about it again."

Nick Saban has to deny interest in Texas again I know fans of a lot of programs get anxious when there's talk of their coach possibly leaving. Well, all of this business with Saban is proof that nearly every good coach is not immune to talk of a jump elsewhere. If no one has an eye on your head man, that's when it's time to worry. As for Saban, I don't think he's going anywhere. I do, however, get a kick out of him getting angrier and angrier with each time he's forced to issue a denial of something. Hopefully the potential stability of a new AD being named at Texas won't end all of the rumormongering.

Maurice Couch Declared Permanently Ineligible

The Tennessee defensive lineman is apparently the first player punished in the NCAA investigation of impermissible benefits from Davis. But will he be the last?

Alabama 45, Tennessee 10: There They Go Again

It's getting harder and harder to tell one Alabama win from another. The easy win against Tennessee is a part of that pattern

Tennessee vs. Alabama: The Third Fourth Saturday

There are going to be plenty of narratives going into this game about why it might surprise. You should be careful about those

Alabama 52, Arkansas 0: A Rational Game

Alabama will not be one of the teams upset tonight. It was never even close to happening

Clamor for a Rematch? Not Bloody Likely

Gary Danielson is already lobbying for round two of the Tide vs. the Aggies if both teams win out. Here's why it's not going to happen

Halfway Gone: Alabama Just Continues to Win

What are the chances that someone can knock off the Tide?

Bama vs. Kentucky Preview: Better than Advertised?

Nobody really thinks that Kentucky has a chance of winning this football game. But that doesn't mean that we can't try out a theory

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