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It's finally time for the big reveal.

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Time Warner Will Carry SEC Network

The only major provider left without the channel is DirecTV. Will the flurry of new deals cause the satellite giant to fold?


Comcast Customers Will Get SEC Network

The deal adds tens of millions of customers to the SEC Network's distribution base and puts pressure on other large providers


Report: SEC Network, Comcast Close to a Deal

The cable giant and the conference's channel are closing in on an agreement that could lead to millions of homes getting the network by the time it launches


Watch All 14 SEC Network Promo Videos

There's one for every team.


Brent Musburger, Jesse Palmer Are Lead SECN Announcers

Big news today, as ESPN has announced that Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are going to be the lead SEC Network announcing team. The worldwide leader is not skimping on the talent, for sure.


Report: SEC Network Picks Up Dish Network

The fledgling network has a second carriage partner after AT&T U-verse.


Report: SEC, ESPN to Split SECN Profits Evenly

It's a 50-50 split according to industry insiders.


Paul Finebaum to the SEC Network?

A certain bald dome might be illuminating your television set beginning in August of 2014.


SEC Network Reactions From Around the League

Different people have different perspectives on the conference's new network.


Report: ESPN Owns All of the SEC Network

Very interesting. That explains why the formal name is the SEC ESPN Network. For comparison, the Pac-12 owns all of its networks, while the Big Ten owns about half of the BTN (Fox owns the rest).

It's a somewhat surprising move and somewhat not for the SEC not to own this thing. It's surprising because the SECN could become a very valuable entity, and the conference not owning any equity in it would be a big loss. However, the conference has been very conservative about the network process all along, and having ESPN own and run everything is a very conservative way to get into the game. Plus, it could be a hedge against the uncertain future of media. There may come a day down the line where conference networks as we know them are obsolete and owning one is a burden.

Mike Slive has made some fascinating moves with the network, and this might be the most fascinating that we know of. It very well could end up being the move that gets the most scrutiny over the years. It also presents a fairly big potential conflict of interest for the journalism side of ESPN, but that's nothing new with the WWL anyway.


SEC Network Announcement: Bold Talk, Many Blanks

ESPN and the SEC certainly didn't undersell their vision for the new network. Now the hard part begins.


SEC Network Fast Facts

Here are some quick hitters from the SEC Network announcement:

  • It's launching in August of 2014.
  • The SEC's deal with ESPN will go through 2034, the longest such deal in sports according to ESPN president John Skipper
  • It will air 1,000 live events per year: 450 on TV and 550 online.
  • It will have 45 football games annually, three per week
  • It will air 100+ basketball games per year
  • AT&T U-verse is a carriage partner already
  • ESPN will run all of the SEC's online operations, replacing XOS Digital
  • ESPN and the SEC will not announce the ownership model today, as far as who owns what percentage of it
  • The full release from ESPN is here
  • A website for requesting your cable and satellite provider carry the SECN is here. ESPN says it's "early days" in negotiations with other providers besides AT&T. Skipper predicted the SECN would have very wide carriage on launch
  • Slive says he doesn't anticipate talking about financials "in the near future", but "potential significant revenue" is coming
  • "This is not a regional network. This is a national network." -Skipper
  • CBS will still have the first pick of games, but it won't have the 3:30 pm ET slot to itself anymore. The SEC will air a noon, afternoon, and evening game each week.
  • Pay-per-view for SEC football is dead
  • It will be headquartered in Charlotte, NC, where ESPN has some studios that currently do ESPNU stuff

This is the official logo. The formal name, per the conference, is the "SEC ESPN Network".

Official logo for the new #SEC Network:  on Twitpic


The SEC Network Has a Logo

The SEC Network has a logo, via's Brandon Marcello:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Apparently it's the SEC ESPN Network? Probably not, but that's some very intrusive branding there by ESPN. Hopefully this isn't the final logo.

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