Sprints is Still Trying to Get the Off-Tackle Empire Tattoo Off Its Arm // 02.05.13


All the news that's fit to make fun of includes Kevin Sumlin's defense of Johnny Football and A&M's luck in prying players away from a certain division rival

Kevin Sumlin wants you to leave Johnny Manziel alone
And he's not making a completely unreasonable request. Or even a slightly unreasonable one.

"Who's to say how he's supposed to react? It's never been done before. How do you know how he's supposed to react? Have you ever been in his shoes?"

The question is a little bit unfair -- no one has ever quite been in Manziel's shoes precisely because, as Sumlin notes, he's the first -- but it makes a completely fair point. Or, you could just realize that most the attention to Manziel's off-field exploits is a colossal waste of time by beatwriters with nothing better to do.

Well, this is awkward
We don't usually do a lot of recruiting coverage around here, at least not on the player-by-player level, but Reuben Foster is different. Different as in he's committed to Alabama despite getting an Auburn tattoo after he switched his commitment from Alabama to Auburn. Got all that?

Think moving to the SEC might have helped Texas A&M recruit?
All the caveats here about anecdotal evidence and sample size. But maybe Bowen Loftin and the Texas A&M higher-ups knew what they were doing when they moved the Aggies to the SEC.

LSU, as usual, has pieced together a strong recruiting class under coach Les Miles, but the Tigers don't have any verbal pledges from Texas for the first time in at least the past decade. Compare that to the past three seasons, when LSU signed three Texans each year. According to Rival.com's Jeff Tarpley, LSU made offers to 21 prospects from Texas in the 2013 class, and the Aggies beat out the Tigers for receiver Kyrion Parker and defensive back Tavares Garner from Manvel High near Houston.

That might have been exactly the way things would have gone if A&M had remained in the Big 12. But one of the most effective pitches LSU could have made -- "come play against the best" -- has been taken away. That's not nothing.

So does he wear silver or blue pants now?
Derek Dooley is headed to the Dallas Cowboys as wide receivers coach.

Don't worry, Kentucky fans: It's almost baseball season
Really, hardball is looking like it might be the Wildcats' best men's sport this year. They're even ranked.

Dave Serrano at least knows what the preseason consensus is
And he's pretty much right when he talks about the buzz surrounding Tennessee baseball right now.

Nobody in the country is talking about any one of our players. The way I look at it is that we've got them right where we want them. We'll try to prove everybody wrong.

"Right where we want them" might be a strong thing to say in the SEC East. But Tennessee certainly can't do anything this year other than meet or exceed expectations.

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