SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 12

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

There's a big shake-up coming in the power rankings over the next few weeks. It's just not quite here

1. Alabama
The only team in the nation that can draw "are they slipping?" talk from a 20-7 victory in which the opponent gains 197 yards.

2. Auburn
I was going to knock them down a few spots, but then two Georgia defensive backs batted the No. 2 ranking up in the air and Ricardo Louis caught it.

3. Texas A&M
They might have had the most impressive showing of any of the Top 5 teams, save Missouri. That's because the Aggies and the Tigers were on byes.

4. South Carolina
This team just can't make anything easy on itself, can it?

5. Missouri
The pressure's on. Win out against the Aggies and the Rebels, and it's a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game. Lose one of those, and the most likely outcome is a trip to Tampa for the Outback Bowl.

6. Georgia
I was actually impressed by the way the Dawgs came back against Auburn this week. The only question is whether that was a last gasp before the implosion or a sign that UGA's not done yet.

7. Ole Miss
My second-favorite team this week.

8. LSU
All the Bayou Bengals have to live for now is ruining other teams' seasons and causing mass chaos. That wouldn't be anything Les Miles would be interested in, would it?

9. Vanderbilt
The rest of us can give you pointers on how to use FlightAware, Commodore fans, seeing as how you're probably not used to it.

10. Florida
Sure, Steve Spurrier is defending Will Muschamp when he can. Did you see Muschamp close up shop on offense with an eight-point lead Saturday night?

11. Mississippi State
Guys, conference pride does not require you to allow Alabama to win when they're trying to give you the game.

12. Tennessee
If they win against Vanderbilt this weekend, they're basically into the postseason. Or is this team too inconsistent to bank the win at Kentucky?

13. Arkansas
I literally had to look up their last game. That's how far off the radar the Razorbacks have fallen.

14. Kentucky
I don't care if it's the new Vanderbilt or the old Vanderbilt. You're now on a three-game losing streak for Vanderbilt. That's last-place material.

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