SEC Football Recruiting Leaderboard, One Week Out

Wesley Hitt

It's down to crunch time for lining up new talent.

There's only a week to go before National Signing Day, so let's break out the big board one more time before the high school prospects sign on the line:

Team Rivals Scout ESPN 247 Average
Florida 1 7 (-1) 1 2 (+1) 2.8
Alabama 3 9 2 1 3.8
LSU 5 5 7 (+1) 4 (+2) 5.3 (+0.75)
Texas A&M 8 4 (-1) 6 (-1) 6 (+1) 6.0 (-0.25)
Georgia 10 (-1) 8 (-1) 7 (2) 10 8.8
Ole Miss 11 12 (+1) 13 (+6) 9 (+4) 11.3 (+2.75)
South Carolina 16 25 (-5) 17 (-1) 16 (+1) 18.5 (-1.25)
Auburn 13 (+7) 24 (+1) 15 (-1) 19 17.8 (+1.75)
Miss State 25 (-4) 16 27 21 22.3 (-1)
Vanderbilt 20 (-2) 21 (-3) 21 (-1) 36 (-6) 24.5 (-3)
Missouri 34 (-2) 30 (-1) 36 32 (+3) 33.0
Tennessee 45 (-14) 47 (-1) 33 37 (-6) 40.5 (-5.25)
Kentucky 51 (+5) 45 (+5) - 51 (-4) 49.0 (+2)
Arkansas 53 (+11) 61 (-2) - 38 (+17) 50.7 (+8.67)

Changes from last week are in parenthesis. ESPN only publishes its top 40, and Kentucky and Arkansas are not in it. Rankings are accurate to 4:00 pm ET on date of publish.

Most of the movement this week was of the entirely inconsequential shuffling type that happens most commonly through recruiting season. Tennessee took a bit of a spill in part due to OL Dan Skipper flipping from UT to Arkansas. Ole Miss gained ground by adding Texas WR Quincy Adeboyejo, while Auburn edged up with a trio of consensus 3-star prospects.

Arkansas was the biggest mover as it attempts to come up from the depths. As I discussed in the comments of last week's update, the Razorbacks' bad ranking is almost entirely due to low numbers. A week ago, Bret Bielema only had 13 players committed or signed for his 2013 class.

Arkansas is now up to 17 players after getting four new names for the group. Going by Rivals, two are 3-stars, and two are 2-stars. The average star rank on the class is now 2.88, which is on the low side but well within historical norms for the program over the entire dozen years that Rivals has ranked classes. Only one Razorback recruiting class finished above 3.07 average stars. The quality of the class is right in line with recent history; it's just that the quantity is lacking.

Bielema is not done, and I'm sure he'll have a few more players lined up to sign LOIs next week. This will probably be a small class thanks to the coaching change, though, so it'll have a lower than normal class ranking for the school. It almost certainly will not, however, be significantly different in any way other than size from what the school generally has.

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