SEC Super Bowl Connections


Both teams have a few connections to SEC schools.

Super Bowl XLVII is set with the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Baltimore Ravens. As you'd expect, both teams have a few connections to SEC schools. Only Kentucky (poor Kentucky) doesn't have some kind of representative in the game.

And yes, I know that anyone mentioned here who is connected to Missouri and Texas A&M would technically pertain to the Big Eight or Big 12*, but if the Big Ten's official commercials can invoke Nebraska in the '90s, then I'll go ahead and put them here. This is also active roster only.

*The sole Aggie is young, so no potential SWC ties there. I'm disappointed too.

San Francisco 49ers

Person Position Connection
Greg Jackson Asst. Secondary coach Played safety at LSU
Jim Leavitt LB Coach Missouri Grad Asst. 1978-79
Tracy Smith Special Teams asst. Attended LSU; LSU Grad Asst. '05
Mike Solari Offensive line coach Alabama asst. 1990-91
Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
Ray McDonald DT Florida
Ricky Jean-Francois DT LSU
Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss
Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State
Aldon Smith LB Missouri
Justin Smith DT Missouri
Chris Culliver CB South Carolina
Tony Jerod-Eddie DT Texas A&M

There are 13 main coaches and players with SEC connections. Some are tenuous, like Leavitt's time as a GA at Mizzou, but that's a decent enough number. The Ravens have one more though.

Baltimore Ravens

Person Position Connection
Teryl Austin Secondary coach Florida DC 2010
Andy Moeller Offensive line coach Missouri asst. 1994-99
Ted Monachino LB Coach Played LB at Missouri
Matt Weiss Def. Quality Control Played punter at Vanderbilt
Terrence Cody NT Alabama
Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama
Bobbie Williams G Arkansas
Josh Bynes LB Auburn
Deonte Thompson WR Florida
Dannell Ellerbe ILB Georgia
DeAngelo Tyson DE Georgia
Michael Oher OT Ole Miss
Pernell McPhee DE Mississippi State
Morgan Cox Long Snapper Tennesse

The Ravens have 14 people with some sort of SEC connection. They have a few more notable names, like Mount Cody and Blind Side Oher.

One notable thing about the positions here is that the teams have only two combined offensive skill position players, and one of them (Thompson) basically never plays. Defense and line play are crucial in the SEC, and that is where these teams have largely mined the conference for talent.

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