The Future of the SEC This Year: Georgia Seizes Control of the East as the West Keeps Bouncing Around

Things are looking pretty good in Athens as our SEC season continues.

Want to know how the SEC will turn out week-by-week before it happens? Don't we all. So we hooked up the closest thing college football fans have to a time machine and will simulate each week of the season using EA's NCAA Football '13. Please keep in mind that it's all in good fun and we're not saying this is how it actually will happen. Though that would be pretty cool and a little bit eery.

It's looking very much like the race for the SEC East is already over this year. With Georgia beating South Carolina and already having a win against Missouri -- which falls to Vanderbilt this week -- the Dawgs are suddenly poised to pretty easily move through the rest of the conference schedule and head to Atlanta against ... well, someone, anyway.


The Bulldogs manage to avoid a third straight loss to the Gamecocks, putting up 14 in the third quarter after a tied first half. South Carolina actually outgains Georgia in a game that features zero turnovers, but the Dawgs run, run and run some more -- 53 times in all -- and are a perfect four-for-four in the red zone to all but ice the division title. All that's left now is to make sure that it's a clean finish to put Georgia in the national championship game.

Yep, the Commodores don't just defeat the Tigers -- they blow the doors off, including a 10-point second quarter to take the lead and a 17-point fourth to put things out of reach. The Dores rack up 445 yards of total offense, including 317 passing, and only narrowly win the turnover battle (2-1) to make for a very un-Vanderbilt like win.

When was the last time Florida started an SEC season 1-3? I'm not even sure the Zooker managed to pull off that feat. In any case, the Gators don't even get on the board until early in the third quarter, which is the only time they manage to put any points up, and their vaunted defense can't step an LSU ground attack that generates 262 yards as part of 409 yards of total offense.

Houston Nutt might be gone, but his habit of pulling inexplicable upsets continues in Oxford. The Rebels rally from a 21-7 halftime deficit to score 24 unanswered points, including 17 in the fourth quarter alone. They do this on 270 yards of total offense, though the pair of A&M turnovers probably helps that cause a bit. TAMU gains 321 yards, or about half a football field more than Ole Miss, but to no avail.

If there was anyone left with a level head in Fayetteville before this week, full-scale panic has now broken out. The Razorbacks are 0-3 in the SEC -- though somehow still ranked in the Top 25 -- and have gone from a dark-horse national title contender to the basement of the SEC West. Auburn, meanwhile, is 2-1 in the conference and still has the most important games of the season in front of it -- meaning the Tigers might be able to make some noise before this is over.

Kentucky's offense is in a state of disrepair at this point -- they manage only 87 yards rushing and 188 yards passing in this game -- and the defense isn't doing any favors, allowing the Western Division Bulldogs to pile up 430 yards of total offense en route to their first conference win of the season.


Georgia 4-0 Alabama 2-0
Tennessee 1-1 LSU 2-0
South Carolina
2-2 Auburn 2-1
1-2 Texas A&M 2-1
Missouri 1-2 Ole Miss
Florida 1-3 Mississippi State
Kentucky 0-3 Arkansas 0-3

TOP 25

1 Georgia
2 Alabama
4 Texas
5 Oklahoma
17 Auburn
19 South Carolina
22 Arkansas

Ealier: Week 1; Week 2; Week 3, Week 4, Week 5

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