Sprints is Willing to Preside Over Harvey Updyke's Trial // 03.15.12

Notable scores from across the league in baseball and basketball

(BASKETBALL) Illinois State 96, Ole Miss 93 (OT)
The Rebels are out of the NIT after the first round.

(BASEBALL) Ole Miss 18, Louisville 8
The Rebels get the most hits they've had in a game in almost two years.

(BASEBALL) Georgia 23, Alcorn State 6
There were 35 hits and seven errors between the two teams.


It'll be a crazy summer in Opelika this year
Everyone's favorite ALLEGED tree-killer ALLEGED, Harvey Updyke, is headed to trial on June 25. That is, unless his latest appeal about Judge Jacob Walker III is successful.

Updyke's lead attorney, Everett Wess, is arguing for the recusal because Walker is in a group that has season tickets to Auburn football games, and he's watched celebrations at Toomer's Corner.

If the objective is to find someone in the state of Alabama who isn't tied to Alabama or Auburn, the search for a judge is going to take a long time.

No whitewash here, I'm sure
Vanderbilt has shockingly found that Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin did not tamper with Danny O'Brien of Maryland. To get him to come to Vanderbilt, which might need some clarification after the 2011 season O'Brien had.

The investigation apparently ended when Franklin decked the Vanderbilt investigator.

The NCAA is stupid, Part -- I've lost count
Tennessee's Justin Meredith was happy his friend, Ben Boulware, got an offer from the Vols last week. So, Meredith eagerly did what thousands of Americans would do and tweeted about the news. Unfortunately for him, the NCAA is completely unfamiliar with this "human communication" thing.

But despite his preexisting relationship with the linebacker, the use of social media to deliver his message may have been the wrong platform and could prompt UT to report a secondary violation.

At this point, I don't even really have the energy left to talk about how many different kinds of stupid this is.

Alonzo Highsmith out for spring
That's not a huge deal for a guy who started every game in 2011, but still worth keeping an eye on.

Kentucky is the only undefeated team in college baseball
It's a little bit difficult to put this into perspective for a non-college baseball fan, but it's impressive. Baseball America looks at how it's happened so far and whether the Wildcats can keep it up as SEC series begin.

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