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BCS National Championship: Alabama Crushes Notre Dame to Claim Back-to-Back National Titles

It was a meeting between two of college football's highest-profile programs, but it ended with one of the more lopsided blowouts in BCS history. The Crimson Tide have now won two consecutive national titles

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BCS Championship Game: Bama's Dynasty Wins Another

Alabama destroyed Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship Game on Monday, extending the SEC's run of seven BCS titles. But the real story is the dynasty that Nick Saban has built in Tuscaloosa


BCS Championship Game Halftime Update: Almost Over

It's not over yet -- well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. It's technically and mathematically possible for Notre Dame to win this game, but something would have to change dramatically


Bama's Offensive First Half Was Outstanding

Alabama's offense had its way with Notre Dame's defense. Perhaps the most striking thing was the fact that the Crimson Tide was neither going after nor avoiding the Irish's best defensive player, Manti Te'o. It just didn't seem to care.

After all, Alabama's first half on offense would have been a great entire game for any one of Notre Dame's other opponents. To wit:

Category ND Opp. Average Alabama
Points (reg.) 9.83 28
Yards 286.8 309
Rushing Yds. 92.42 153
Yds/Carry 3.16 6.7
Passing Yds. 194.4 156
Yds/Pass 5.7 8.7
Pass Eff. 105.4 176.1
Plays 20+ Yds. 2.4 6

The old football cliche goes that you're never as good as you look on your best day and never as bad as you look on your worst day. With that being mostly true, it's clear that Alabama is a completely different class of team than what Notre Dame has faced before. The Fighting Irish were battle tested by some close games and faced good teams like Stanford and Oklahoma. None of them have the size and speed that Bama does, and Notre Dame is simply shell shocked.


BCS Championship Game 2013 Preview: Mirror Mirror

The national championship game is here, pitting the Crimson Tide and the Fighting Irish against one another in one of the biggest bouts in years


Prepare for BCS Deja Vu

Did you like last year's BCS National Championship Game? I hope you did, because you're about to see it again.


BCS National Championship Game: Cast of Characters

As we count down the hours toward the BCS National Championship Game, we take a look at the players and coaches who could decide who carries home the crystal football

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