Win a Trip to a College Football Game of Your Choice

Yes, you could even go to this game. - Andy Lyons

Leave the best comment here, and you can be a finalist.

I know y'all have been noticing a lot of Hyundai logos around here this fall. They've been sponsoring college football content around the SBN blogs, but now it's your chance to get in on the action.

They've started a campaign called Fanthropology to celebrate college football's most die hard fans. Think you're the most loyal fan? If you can prove it, you'll win a trip to a regular season or bowl game of your choice courtesy of Hyundai. You'll get two airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and two game tickets to the event of your choice.

Here's how this works.

The first thing to do is leave a comment here describing how and why you are a rabidly loyal fan of your football team. Please note, you get one entry across the entire network, so don't comment on multiple blogs. It is in SBN's sole discretion as to whether any comment other than someone's earliest chronological comment can be their entry. Don't leave it up to the judges; just do one.

By next Monday (November 12), we will go through the comments on this post to pick out the best one. The person who left it will be this site's finalist. During the following week, we'll have a conversation with the finalist over email that will become a second post in this series. Finally, the judges above us in the SBN food chain will read through all of the finalist conversation posts and pick the winner by Thursday, 11/22.

I will note that you don't have to go to a game that your team is playing in. If you just want a chance to go to the SEC title game in Atlanta or the national championship game in January but your team is out of the running, you're good. It's entirely up to you.

Here's an example of what we're looking for. I grew up a Florida fan from basically the moment I came into the world. My parents had season tickets since before I was born, so I've been to a tremendous number of games. My first one was the 1989 Florida-Kentucky game when I was four-years-old, and I've attended at least one game every season since (24 straight and counting). When I got to college in Gainesville, I even chose to give up my customary seat in the shaded south end zone to do the marching band so I could follow the team on road trips. I began blogging about the team while in college, which started me down the path to joining up here at TSK a few years later.

So that's my (abridged) story, but I bet some of you can beat it. Let's hear it in the comments, and hopefully we'll end up sending you to a great game.

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.

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