Yards Per Play in the SEC: October is here

This week's YPP rankings are a little late due to some extra work and preparing for a family visit. My apologies.

As I said last week, this past weekend only featured a little over half of the league's teams, so things wouldn't change so much. Unless, of course, you're talking about Tennessee's defense, which saw their already-poor defensive YPP number rise by over half a yard after playing Georgia. Do they play Arkansas this year? That might be the game of the century, because both teams may score 100. Numbers, provided by College Football Statistics, after the break.

Rank Team Games Played Offensive Plays Offensive YPP Defensive Plays Defensive YPP Ratio
1 Alabama 5 316 6.34 290 3.30 1.92
2 Louisiana State 4 276 6.41 230 3.47 1.85
3 Georgia 5 336 7.98 367 5.04 1.58
4 Texas A&M 3 235 7.04 237 4.77 1.48
5 South Carolina 5 323 6.33 330 4.38 1.45
6 Florida 4 263 6.20 279 4.37 1.42
7 Mississippi State 3 192 6.26 221 5.14 1.22
8 Mississippi 4 277 5.79 282 5.15 1.12
9 Kentucky 5 341 5.12 364 5.37 0.95
10 Auburn 4 238 5.00 312 5.38 0.93
11 Tennessee 4 325 6.08 282 6.62 0.92
12 Vanderbilt 3 187 4.98 212 5.49 0.91
13 Missouri 4 285 4.53 276 5.22 0.87
14 Arkansas 4 284 5.36 321 6.94 0.77

As is custom, I only looked at games against FBS competition. A few thoughts:

  • We'll call it the "Arkansas bump." Apparently, playing Arkansas shoots teams up the YPP ratio standings. This past week's beneficiary was Texas A&M, who went from 6th with a 1.36 ratio to 4th with a 1.48 ratio. This week's beneficiary should be my Auburn Tigers, but I'm not as bullish after a tough game against LSU as some of my fellow fans. Auburn's 5.00 YPP offense against Arkansas' 6.94 YPP defense is your classic "stoppable force meets a movable object" matchup. Tune in at noon!
  • Kentucky...not as bad as we all think? We all see Kentucky scores and watch their games and think they're a terrible team and Joker Phillips is fired yesterday. But based on this information, you would also think they would be at the bottom of these kinds of rankings, but there they sit, near the middle of the pack even after playing YPP #5 South Carolina.
  • Fire Mike Bobo! Oh wait, his offenses are churning out approximately eight yards per play. That is unbelievable, and that number is certain to drop after facing South Carolina's tough defense this weekend, but it still jumps out at you. It's amazing what having top-flight talent will do for one's coaching skills (offer not valid for Arkansas' 2012 coaching staff).

That's it for this week, enjoy your football watching this weekend!

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