A Fair Way to Determine the National Champion

Bumped from FanPosts -- ed.

Reorganize the out-of-control conference expansion into 7 BCS conferences based on region of the country. 10 teams each. 9-game conference schedule (everyone plays everyone). 1 out-of-conference BCS game (permanent rivals like FSU-Florida, GA Tech-UGA, Clemson-Sakerlina). 1 non-AQ game vs WAC, CUSA, etc. 1 FCS game against an in-state opponent. 12 regular season games.

No. 1 & No. 2 in each BCS conference play each other again in the Conference Championship game. 7 Champions enter an 8-team playoff with 1 at-large team. Takes 16 games to win the National Championship. 16 teams get a crack at it. 6 playoff games to be played at Rose, Fiesta, Cotton, Sugar, Orange, & a new bowl in the new Indianapolis Colts domed stadium. Game No. 7 the National Championship rotates between the bowl sites like it does now.

So this year, LSU goes 12-0 (9-0), Bama goes 11-1 (8-1) & they play each other again in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. 1 team wins & is the No. 1 seed. If Bama loses they're at-large team, maybe No. 6 seed. LSU loses & is No. 2 seed.

Big East Atlantic Coast Southeastern Southwest
Boston College Maryland Florida Louisiana State
Syracuse Virginia Georgia Memphis
Connecticut Virginia Tech South Carolina Arkansas
Rutgers North Carolina Wake Forest Oklahoma
Penn State North Carolina State Tennessee Oklahoma State
Pittsburgh Duke Vanderbilt Texas
West Virginia Clemson Alabama Texas A&M
Cincinnati Georgia Tech Auburn Texas Tech
Kentucky Florida State Mississippi Texas Christian
Louisville Miami Mississippi State Baylor
  • Finally a real eastern conference w/ Penn St as the anchor
  • ACC classic w/ instate rivals Va Tech & Miami added in
  • SEC loses the geographic outliers Arkansas, LSU, Kentucky & picks up NC w/ Wake
  • Old SWC & Big 12 South
Big Ten Great Midwest Pacific Ind.
Ohio State Kansas California Army
Michigan Kansas State Stanford Navy
Michigan State Missouri UCLA Air Force
Notre Dame Iowa USC
Indiana Iowa State Arizona
Purdue Nebraska Arizona State
Illinois Colorado Oregon
Northwestern Utah Oregon State
Wisconsin Brigham Young Washington
Minnesota Boise State Washington State

  • B1G classic w/ an Iowa for ND trade
  • a new conference is born, the GMC stretches from Illinois to Oregon
  • PAC-10 classic
  • military schools are Ind by themselves
  • somehow this worked out for each conference to have 2 private schools except GMC w/ just BYU
  • conferences designed to promote what makes college football fun - rivalry game

After the 70 BCS schools, there are 55 non-AQ teams in 4 conferences. They play in a conference championship game. Maybe the right 13-0 non-AQ team w/ enough BCS wins during their undefeated season could earn the at-large bid.

Western Athletic
Conference USA
New Mexico
East Carolina
Louisiana Tech
Colorado State
San Jose State
Fresno State
Southern Miss
Utah State
San Diego State
Central Florida
Southern Methodist
South Florida

  • mid-tier conferences. WAC on the left coast
  • CUSA on the right. USF gets screwed but no directional schools playing in off campus stadiums in the BCS!
Florida Atlantic
Arkansas State
Bowling Green
Florida International
Louisiana Monroe
Eastern Michigan
South Alabama
Louisiana Lafayette
Central Michigan
Texas State
Western Michigan
Georgia State
North Texas
Ball State
Middle Tennessee
Kent State
Northern Illinois
Western Kentucky
New Mexico State

bottom rung. 1 in the North & 1 in the South. 14-teams each

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