Which Quarterback Is Your Heisman Favorite?

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 11: The 2010 Heisman Trophy is displayed prior to a press conference for Heisman Trophy candidates at The New York Marriott Marquis on December 11 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Mark Ingram aside, the Heisman Trophy has largely become a quarterbacking award. It will probably go to a quarterback again this year.

While I am sort of fine with that, as quarterback is the single most important position in football, it has also become a team award of late. I am less fine with that. If the most outstanding player happens to be on a bad team, why should that preclude him from winning an award?

In that vein, I am now presenting you with a table of quarterback stats for you to pick your Heisman favorite from. I tried to obfuscate things as much as possible without being overly tricky. Names and teams have been removed, of course. I also removed I-AA competition (thanks cfbstats.com!) to get rid of the most egregious of cupcake games. I also went with touchdown and interception percentage, which are fair (if uncommon) numbers to go with.

I also included how many teams in the current BCS top 25 they have faced and how many top 25 passing defenses they have faced. The top 25 defenses were based on passing efficiency defense and also did not include games against I-AA competition.

Will you favor gaudy stats against weaker competition? Will you give the edge to the guys with the tougher road but more muted stats? Do you like the happy middle instead? How about prioritizing TD percentage versus INT percentage?

QB Att Comp Pct. Yards Yds/Att TD Pct Int Pct Pass Eff. T25 Opp T25 Pass D
Quarterback A 247 149 60.3 2,096 8.5 9.72% 5.37% 157.19 3 3
Quarterback B 281 205 73 2,828 10.1 9.25% 2.44% 184.46 3 1
Quarterback C 428 313 73.1 3,635 8.5 7.24% 2.88% 164.16 3 1
Quarterback D 209 133 63.6 1,807 8.6 8.13% 3.76% 158.33 3 1
Quarterback E 193 141 73.1 2,071 10.7 11.40% 2.13% 197.71 2 1
Quarterback F 297 220 74.1 2,549 8.6 10.44% 2.27% 177.24 2 1
Quarterback G 313 221 70.6 2,695 8.6 9.27% 3.17% 169.03 1 1
Quarterback H 342 250 73.1 3,536 10.3 10.23% 1.20% 191.97 0 1


So those are your choices. Who's your Heisman favorite? The identities of the quarterbacks are in a comment below; try not to peek before making your pick.

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