Sprints Believes Jerry Jones Is Saner than the Knight Commission // 06.18.10

The Knight Commission has officially gone 'round the bend.

They want to take a fifth of the BCS and NCAA tournament money and distribute it to schools that have a good APR because it would be the nice thing to do, I guess. They want to bar schools with low APRs from being eligible for the postseason (you just thought vacating past wins was bad; wait until they start doing it for future wins). And for reasons passing all understanding for a report focused on college spending on athletics, they want to bar contracts between coaches and apparel or equipment companies -- agreements that arguably hold down college spending on athletics.

Good work there. Now, please go back to the ivory towers and let us play football.

Jerry Jones denies talking to Arkansas about moving to the Big XII
The way things are worded, he might still want Arkansas in the league but doesn't endorse the Notre Dame nonsense.

You sure you're not going to get in trouble for saying that?
Urban Meyer on the Utah-to-the Pac-10 / 11 / 12 news:

Congratulations to Chris Hill, Kyle Whittingham and the entire Utah athletic department, it is indeed a great day for one of the great U ...

Left unsaid: And never forgot you wouldn't have gotten there without me. (HT: Block U)

Aloha, Trojans
Southern Cal's no-Hawaii-games penalty has been delayed by the NCAA to help Hawaii. Which was the right move.

Maybe they deserve better than losing by 17 to UTEP
Two Texas lawmakers -- stop me if you've heard this before -- are trying to get a school into a major conference. This time, the conference is the Big XII and the team is Houston.

Despite UH's local and statewide prominence, the university does not belong to a strong BCS conference such as the Big 12. The Cougars, the city of Houston, and the state of Texas deserve better.

Houston isn't even the most deserving mid-major in Texas to be in a BCS league.

You'll never guess what Bill Snyder's complaint about the new Big XII is
Note the sarcasm.

Nine is 'nuff
The Mountain West says it won't be expanding. So we appear to be done with this round. Finally.

He's back!
Hey Jenny Slater has returned, run by someone known as "Astronaut Mike Dexter." But maybe you better not go to that exact po--

Tried to warn you.

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