College Football Unbeatens: Week 11

TCU is one of four remaining undefeated teams.

It's time to check on the nation's unbeaten teams again. We're down to just four, but looking back, Week 10 has been a rough week for undefeated teams over the last five years.

  • 2006 (5): Ohio State, Michigan, Louisville, Boise State, Rutgers
  • 2007 (3): Ohio State, Kansas, Hawaii
  • 2008 (6): Alabama, Texas Tech, Penn State, Boise State, Utah, Ball State
  • 2009 (6): Florida, Texas, Alabama, TCU, Cincinnati, Boise State
  • 2010 (4): Oregon, Auburn, TCU, Boise State

Teams listed in order of AP Poll rank.

Over the last five seasons, nine undefeated teams have fallen in Week 10. That's more of a scheduling coincidence than anything, but it may say something about how long pretenders can stay afloat. 

Someone must fall

No one must fall at any time from here until bowl season as we're out of games between undefeated teams. This section is now retiring.

Danger Will Robinson!

First up here is Oregon, who travels to Cal this weekend. Cal has been the weirdest team of the year, alternately blowing teams out, getting blown out, and once, losing by one to Arizona. Still, the one pattern is that the Golden Bears are great at home, with wins of 52-3, 52-7, 35-7, and 50-17. Those opponents (UC-Davis, Colorado, UCLA, and Arizona State) aren't anything compared to Oregon, but Cal just beat Wazzou by only seven on the road. Just keep a close eye on the game.

Also in some amount of danger is Auburn, who hosts Georgia on Saturday. UGA has never had a particularly hard time winning at Auburn, as that's a series where the road team has an unusually high amount of success. Plus, this year Georgia in a lot of ways is like Kentucky only with a good defense (in terms of having a lot of offensive weapons), and the 'Cats nearly pulled off the upset last month. The closest thing to a complete Auburn has played is South Carolina, and the Gamecocks had to do a full-scale melt down in the fourth quarter to lose that one. Georgia's not a great team, but when both sides of the ball are playing well, it does qualify as a complete team.

A milder warning to you, sir

I thought about putting TCU's game against San Diego State in the above section, but I didn't for two reasons. First, TCU's at home for this one. Second, SDSU's best win is a squeaker over an Air Force team that TCU demolished. The Aztecs have also lost to BYU, who is not very BYU-like this season. TCU should keep rolling along.

Boise State gets to go to the Kibbie Dome to play Idaho. That is the very place where the Vandals gave up over 800 yards to Nevada last week. That about covers that game.

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