Sprints Is Cautious About Ryan Mallett's Concussion and Leads Against Kentucky // 10.21.10

Mallett is 'ready to go'
There's not going to be as much attention to this as there was with Tim Tebow, so let me provide some of it: Players should probably not take the field a week after having a concussion. Remember, it was two weeks after Tebow's concussion that he played against LSU, and even that was questionable. Just because we don't have video of Ryan Mallett losing his pregame meal doesn't mean it's not serious.

Maybe they should just skip the first half altogether
Defensive coordinator Steve Brown on why Kentucky plays better defense in the second half than in the first:

"Each game is an adventure," Brown said. "It's really hard to put your finger on it."

Some advice for Georgia fans: NO LEAD IS SAFE AGAINST THE WILDCATS. Just trying to avoid anyone having coronaries on Saturday.

Seven South Carolina football players ate meals that were paid for by a fan. THIS CANNOT STAND!

No player received more than $100 in total, although one player accepted five different meals. The buyer wasn't considered a booster, per se, but he does regularly attend Gamecocks football games.

Listen, I understand the need to keep an eye on what players get from whom and the reasons for the NCAA making things strict. But forgive me if I think that, once we have players reimbursing someone because they might have had some chips and soda, we've gone round the bend.

There is one part of this statement that no one actually believes
Chris Rainey could play for Florida against Georgia next BUT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES, according to Urban Meyer. NONE AT ALL.

"He is eligible to play in this game, but that won't be determined until next week,'' Meyer said. "He's on a week-to-week (basis)."

And by "that won't be determined until next week," Meyer means that it won't be announced until next week. Rainey will play.

They're so angry, they make knock down a statue of Faulkner to make room
Fairest Boyd -- yes, that's her name -- and a group of Ole Miss alumni are going to build a Colonel Reb statue to memorialize the mascot. Because what the South really lacks are monuments to Confederates.

As for the Colonel Reb statue, Boyd said in the message that the monument will serve as a reminder that Ole Miss once stood as a great, public university, full of southern tradition, gallantry and honor, before becoming a "generic, so-called politically correct college."

And in case you doubt their seriousness, Boyd will have you know that the monument "will surely become the next wonder of the world."

The Bylaw Blog is back
In a way. There are some changes in store when it opens at its new NCAA home.

Changes at War Blog Eagle
Jerry is moving to CBSSports.com to get paid and stuff.

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