Sprints Recaps Bowlnanza and Misses the Sugar Bowl // 12.23.09

Team Speed Kills Now. Then. Bowlnanza, for those of you who might have missed it.

We were joined by several of our guests, though our Texas A&M and Penn State bloggers were unfortunately unable to take part. (For very good reasons in both cases.) Still plenty of good stuff on the Citi BCS National Championship Game and the Music City Bowl, Game Formerly Known as the Peach Bowl, Outback Bowl and Papajohns.com Bowl.

It's not like they really wanted to see it anyway
Florida fans in Tampa and Orlando might miss the Sugar Bowl because of a battle between Fox and Time Warner. Given ticket sales to the actual game, you have to wonder if they'll even notice.

Charles Scott won't play in Capital One Bowl

"I think he realizes it's a very positive situation for him, based on the fact that the injury is going to heal 100 percent very comfortably. If he had just a couple more weeks I'm certain he'd probably play in this game."

Scott is expected be a high draft pick in April. (HT: And The Valley Shook)

Javier Arenas' life is more interesting than yours will ever be
The Alabama cornerback was asked what Nick Saban meant by saying he wanted the Crimson Tide to avoid "clutter."

"You drive down the road and you're thinking about a chick and you hit a dog on the road, that's clutter," he said.

Of course.

But then you already knew that
Vanderbilt makes Dr. Saturday's list of "The 10 lamest teams of 2009."

At least they have youth as an excuse: The top two rushers and the leading receiver were all freshmen, and quarterback Larry Smith was only a sophomore.

So there's hope. When it comes to Vanderbilt, isn't there always?

Look what you've done, Doc!
But has the pressure of that 2-10 season finally turned Bobby Johnson to the dark side? He committed -- gasp! -- a secondary violation. Surely, this is the beginning of Vanderbilt becoming a rogue program, handing out Escalades to recruits. (Actually, most of their recruits would probably prefer a Kindle.) The recruit in question is James Rogers, brother of Aaron; James Rogers did sign with the Commodores.

'Some things need to get fixed'
Brian Kelly's summation of what he needs to do at Notre Dame.

Glad they're taking it with a level head
Having won the program's 2,000th game, Kentucky players and Coach Cal are now talking about going undefeated this season. Kentucky basketball: Making Alabama football fans look rational since 1903.

Happy Holidays
This is the last edition of Sprints this week; it's taking a few days off to mark Christmas. There will still be content on the blog, just not the daily news.

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