Cincinnati vs Georgia Tech In The BCS Title Game?

If everything goes as planned the next 2 weeks, the BCS Championship game in Pasadena is a lock for      Bama/UF vs Texas. Some people like to play the "What if" game. Who wants to play?

 What if Alabama loses to Auborn, then Beats Florida in the SECCG, and Texas loses against Nebraska in the BXIICG, and the rest of the Top 7 wins out? That leaves you with two one loss SEC teams. TCU, Boise St., Cinci will be undefeated. Also Georgia Tech, and Texas with one loss. Sounds like a blogger's dream, or a BCS homer's nightmare.

Florida(1)     wins against FSU

Alabama(2)  loses againstAuborn

Texas(3)       wins against A&M

TCU(4)          wins  against New Mexico

Cincinnati(5) wins against Illinois

Boise St.(6)  wins against Nevada

Georgia Tech(7) wins against Georgia


Florida  loses against Alabama

Texas    loses against Nebraska

Cinci      wins against Pitt

BoiseSt. wins against New Mexico St.

GTech   wins against Clemson


Florida(11-1):No team only one team has ever played in the BCSNCG with a week 14 loss.

Alabama(11-1):After the loss to Auborn, they would drop down to #4-7. After they beat UF(1), they would have a resume beating #1,#14,#15,#25 as of now. But the BCS punishes teams with late losses. Is the resume enough to take the #2 spot over 12-0 TCU, and 12-1 GT with a week 3 loss?

Texas(11-1): See Florida

TCU(12-0):The resume isn't very impressive, but still undefeated and 2 wins against #18 Clemson and #21 Utah...they would have a tough fight between Bama, and GT with impressive one loss resumes.

Cinci(12-0): A decent resume including wins against #9 Pitt and #16 Oregon St., most importantly they remain undefeated with a week 14 win against a top 10 team, knowing the BCS that should propel them to #1.

Boise St.(12-0): Very weak resume, only one tough win against #8 Oregon in week 1. The rest of the schedule will make them Utah of 2009.

Georgia Tech(12-1):Impressive resume including wins against #18 Clemson twice, #24 North Carolina, #14 VTech. The only other top contender for #2 with a better resume is  Bama, but Techs loss came in week 3 against #17 Miami compared to Bamas week 13 loss to unranked Auborn.



Florida- Only thing left for UF too look forward to is who thier BCS game will be against... Thier SOS is too weak for a FSU loss, and win over Bama for them to still have hope.

Alabama- LSU, and OLE MISS need impressive week 13 wins to keep them looking like worthy opponents.

Texas- see Florida

TCU- A Utah win against BYU is thier only opponent that will help thier SOS. Also a VTech loss will slightly help. Clemson winning against USC will help TCU, but also help GT, considering this is all based on GT beating Clemson. But a Clemson win against GT in the ACC/CG could help TCU's case against Bama for the #2 spot.

Boise St.- A impressive win for Orgeon over Oregon St. would be the only glimmer of hope if any for Boise St. The way the voters have been this year, a Oregon win may drop Boise St. below Oregon.

Cincinnati-  The only way Cinci's trajectory to #1 gets ruined is If Oregon St. gets blown out against Oregon, and Pitt gets embarrassed by West Virginia. In this instance all hell will break loose for who deserves to be 1-2!

Georgia Tech- a blow out against UGA and Clemson will confuse everyone on what team deserves to be #2.



Possible #1 VS #2 match up.

GT vs Cinci- please no!


Besides the easy guess of UF/Bama VS Texas, Lets play the "What If Game", who else could end up #1 vs #2 in Pasadena in your eyes?


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