BlogPoll Ballot, Week 11

I did it this week for the second time, and it's going to be really hard to talk me out of it this week. And so here is our BlogPoll -- and, yes, that's Texas Tech at No. 1, Florida at No. 2 and Alabama at No. 3.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas Tech --
2 Florida 2
3 Alabama 1
4 Texas 1
5 Oklahoma 2
6 Utah 4
7 Southern Cal 1
8 Penn State 5
9 Ohio State 2
10 Oklahoma State 4
11 Boise State 2
12 North Carolina --
13 Missouri 1
14 Georgia 1
15 Florida State 2
16 Ball State 2
17 Oregon State 9
18 Michigan State 5
19 Miami (Florida) 1
20 Virginia Tech 6
21 Pittsburgh 5
22 California 1
23 Georgia Tech 4
24 Wake Forest 2
25 Cincinnati 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#16), Minnesota (#21), LSU (#22), Northwestern (#24), Maryland (#25).

First, let's deal with the Alabama complaints. Here's how I see Florida vs. Alabama right now.


Yes, I know, there are differences between playing a team one week in one setting and playing that same team another week in another setting. And, yes, this is a simplistic way of doing things. But the point is: With the exceptions of Arkansas (blown out by both teams) and Ole Miss, Florida has consistently outperformed Alabama against common opponents. Take it beyond those opponents (and I think this is a more questionable practice, so I didn't give it as much weight), and Florida has outclassed better competition.

I'm not too worried about this, because it will straighten itself out. If Alabama wins out, they'll go to No. 2 and maybe to No. 1, depending on how well they play and how well the Red Raiders play. Same for Florida.

Big movers:

Utah (No. 6, up 4)
BCS or not, the Utes are a pretty good football team. They've beaten a solid BCS team (Oregon State), one of the best midmajors (TCU), a weak BCS team (Michigan) and everyone else they've played.

Penn State (No. 8 down 5)
That was a pretty bad loss. Southern Cal didn't really impress, but the Trojans did better than the Nittany Lions against Ohio State and Southern Cal's one loss was better than Penn State's -- even if the fighting JoePas beat the team Southern Cal lost to.

Oklahoma State (No. 10, down 4)
I think you could make a case for moving them down even lower; after all, they got annihilated by Texas Tech. But they've still got a very good season going, and everyone below them has something going against them, with the possible exception of Boise. So here they are.

Oregon State (No. 17, up 9)
A bit of re-evaluation going on here. Their loss to Penn State doesn't look quite as bad now, even if they did get embarassed, and the loss to Utah looks better each week. Outside of those games, they've won -- including the marquee victory over Southern Cal.

Michigan State (No. 18, down 5)
Not sure entirely what caused this, but I think it's probably got to do with the Big Ten and the upward movement of some of the other teams. I'm open to some convincing on this one.

Virginia Tech (No. 20, up 6)
ACC. They'll lose and be gone next week.

Pittsburgh (No. 21, up 5)
Big East. They'll lose and be gone next week.

Georgia Tech (No. 23, down 4)
Moving them out of the poll likely would have required moving in another team that I might be a fan of but don't want to put in the Top 25 yet. And they've still got one of the better resumes out there. Oh, and: ACC. They'll lose (again) and be gone next week.

As always, your input welcome below.

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