BlogPoll Ballot, Week 10 -- Stop looking at me like I'm crazy

First of all -- no, this isn't an attempt to get a reaction from people, but I wouldn't be surprised if it does.

Yes, that's Florida at No. 2. They have the most i mpressive wins in the country, and the Ole Miss loss is no longer terrible enough (by my estimation) to keep them any Blogpoll_10_mediumlower. I considered putting them at No. 1, but that seemed unfair -- and neither of their wins are quite as impressive as beating Texas. So I went with Texas Tech. Alabama's wins no longer seem good enough to keep them in the Top 2, and Penn State's wins aren't all that great, but good enough to keep at No. 4.

I heard all of you who suggested keeping some combination of Texas Tech, Alabama and Penn State at 1-2-3 because they're undefeated. But as a resume voter, which I am at this point of the season, I feel like I can only give someone so much credit for that. Let's say (just for argument) that someone had wins against Texas Tech, Alabama, Penn State, Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Southern Cal but a loss to Temple. That's about as bad a loss as you can have, but the rest of the schedule has to be worth something.

I think annihilating Georgia and LSU, along with victories over average teams like Miami and Kentucky -- which got waxed by the Gators -- is good enough to merit No. 2.

Texas falls to No. 5. Putting them at No. 4 to me is a bit lazy; yes, they beat Missouri, but that doesn't look as good as it did when it happened, and I think Oklahoma is going to turn out being worse than we all think they are. Oklahoma State and Oklahoma round out your Big XII section of the ballot, which still needs some sorting.

Southern Cal moves up a spot, mostly because of Georgia's loss, and Boise State leapfrogs Utah. Ohio State moves up thanks to Georgia. North Carolina and Michigan State benefit from the complete unimpressiveness of the rest of the field.

Missouri barely beat Baylor. Georgia, we know. TCU's resume is not that great. Florida State loses to Georgia Tech and falls three, while Ball State, Georgia Tech and Miami move up because everyone else has officially pissed me off.

Minnesota falls for losing to Northwestern, I'm still struggling with why I let LSU and California back in, though Cal has the Oregon victory now. And, yes, Northwestern. Maryland and West Virginia fall on reassessments of their resumes. (Really, the 'Eers haven't beaten anyone.) If the fighting Bill Stewarts can win a few more Big East games, they might be considered for a spot on the ballot.

Tulsa might deserve better than this, but they lost to Arkansas. The Hogs are better than we thought but not that much better. Oregon's gone after the loss to California. Connecticut's loss to West Virginia pretty much knocks them permanently out, while Boston College is the weekly ACC victim. They could be back soon enough.

Who's on the radar screen? Oregon State is there; after all, they could still end up in the Rose Bowl, and the Pac-10 Championship is worth something. And if they run the table against a slate that includes at Arizona and home games against California and Oregon, they deserve it.

South Carolina has beaten all the average-to-bad teams they've faced and none of the quality teams they've faced. Maybe if they win out -- or even beat Arkansas and Clemson and lose respectably to Florida -- they'll see the poll.

Pitt and Cincinnati could end up being good, but the Bearcats still have the waxings at the hands of Oklahoma and Connecticut.

Tell me why I'm wrong.

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